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  1. K Project Gathering?

    While I'm pretty certain I'll cosplay Yata at some point, I'm not anywhere near as sure that I'll be at ACen. So I'm afraid I can't be too helpful when it comes to photoshoot times/places ^^; I'll definitely try to be there if I end up attending the con though!
  2. K Project Gathering?

    I'm like 70% sure I'll be doing a Yata cosplay. If I do, I'm fairly certain my boyfriend will follow suit with a Fushimi. He's torn between him and Mikoto. But if I'm Yata, Fushimi just works too well.
  3. Your opinion on reusing cosplays?

    I rewear the cosplays I have fun in. Some are more fun than others, somehow.
  4. Staying in character?

    I like when people are in character at certain times. Like, if someone shouts your character's name excitedly, it's usually pretty fun to reply with a well-known catch phrase. But, if your character is incredible eccentric, it's probably best to drop it there, aside from the occasional remark. Some characters are ok though. I cosplay Rigby from Regular (with my boyfriend as Mordecai) and we pretty much act like them in everyday life, so when we're in costume we're accidentally in character. People haven't seemed to mind, but they aren't that crazy of characters, typically.
  5. Nostalgic Cosplay 2012

    I believe there were four of us total there. Ed, Edd, a Ghostbuster, and Bill Nye. But, yeah, no one really took pictures. We stood around awkwardly and slowly parted ways >.>
  6. Yaoi 2012

    I'd have to choose between the shoot and a panel if we moved to 11..
  7. Wearing the same cosplay for two consecutive days

    That's perfectly fine! Loads of people do it. You just have to make sure that you shower everyday and wear deodorant and all that. And clean it in-between conventions. Basically, just take the necessary precautions to prevent it from smelling. ^^;
  8. Room space!

    Hey hey! We have some room space available at the Holiday Inn Chicago O'Hare. We have a Suite, with a queen bed and 2 rooms. It includes a sofa bed, separate living room area, and free high speed internet. No one currently in the room is dead-set on the bed, so you could get it! We're checking in late Thursday and checking out Sunday. If you join us, you'll be paying $85 for the weekend. But the more who come, the cheaper it gets. However, there is a limit to the people, so get in fast! The hotel is about 10 minutes away from the con center. You could drive on your own, but I'm sure we could find room in a car for you if necessary. =) The room is mixed gender and mixed age groups. There are 2 adults. The room is non-smoking, and there are some of us there who are politely requesting that partying be kept elsewhere. In other words, no drinking in the room, please. Thank you! Our room will be mostly used as crash space and a shower. Thusly, during the day it will mostly be empty, but at night, please keep noise to a minimum. We're members of the army against con funk. Please shower. xD There will be cosplayers. Lots of different animes are loved dearly. And we're freakin' awesome. Just trust me. If you want anymore details (like exact specifications of who will be there)just send me a message on here, shoot me an email (amberbrown468907 [AT] yahoo.com), or add my facebook. TL;DR: Room Details: 1.) Holiday Inn Chicago O'Hare 2.) Queen 1 Bed Suite 2 Room 3.) Sofa Bed 4.) High Speed Internet 5.) $85 Our Requests: 1.) It's a no-smoking room. So, don't smoke. 2.) No drinking. 3.) Keep quiet at night. 4.) Please shower. 5.) Have fun! Who Are We? 1.) Mixed age/gender 2.) Cosplayers 3.) Mixed taste in anime 4.) We're awesome
  9. Parental Consent form?

    Yes, for badges. Thank you ^^; I'm coming in from out of town; I didn't want to get to the convention and find out I can't get a badge.
  10. Parental Consent form?

    I've looked around on the site, but I can't seem to find anything about an age limit, or a need for a parental consent form, as I've seen at other conventions. I'm 17, so not legally an adult yet. If I need a parental consent form, I'd really need to get it before the convention.
  11. Anime Convention raves: What Happened?

    Well, this will be my first year at ACen. The most DJs I've experienced at one con was, I believe, 3, and they all played dubstep. If at ACen they actually have variations in the music, then thank god for that. Something for everyone, right?
  12. When was the last time you heard Sandstorm at a rave? Or, really, anything that wasn't skrillex-esque? The old school techno that used to play during anime con raves was the best. Not even because of the quality of the music, but because it's light, happy, bouncy, and the simple Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss beat is something anyone can dance to, even us less-talented nerds. In the Summer of 2011 I attended the first con in my life that was a mix of genres in the rave (both the new stuff, and the old stuff). Since then, theres been nothing but "BRR BRR BRRR WEE WEEE WAAAAHHH" And I simply do not know how to dance to that. It's so... heavy, you know? It's too serious. And not that good. In my opinion, anyways. Am I the only one who wishes this change had never occurred?
  13. Loveless 2012

    I plan to be all up in your photoshoot, taking pictures and creepin, despite having no loveless cosplay.
  14. Yaoi 2012

    The first convention i ever went to (in 2008) had a yaoi shoot. I haven't seen once since. Where did the love go? Lets bring it back! Come on, Hetalia, you know you want in on this. You too, Kingdom Hearts. And Naruto, really, stop lying to yourself. You want to come. Soul Eater? Blue Exorcist? Ouran High School Host Club? Seriously guys. You know you want it. Who's in?
  15. Nostalgic Cosplay 2012

    We'll have (at least) Double Dee and Ed. Working on getting an Eddy, but our subject is resistant >.>