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  1. This Crazy World...

    DS you should be a boss for the second statement. Just saying. Problem is that people are idiots. You have the types that REALLY want the damn sale, period. Here is the solution: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/stores-shift-black-friday-deals-021400062.html Go online for everything -facepalms- http://news.yahoo.com/accused-colorado-gunman-sent-hospital-attorneys-002528950.html <-The hell? He isn't dead yet?
  2. Nintendo's Wii U

    Hey calm down. I just thought that it was queer that I didn't receive any notice of the Wii u, despite it being a new system, compared to any other system. Mind you I go on facebook and take public transportation and I seen more information about the Windows 8 program than this. Outside of my personal service I wouldn't even know about a Wii u. I just found that shocking considering the hype Nintendo had for the 3DS as well as any other port games (such as Pokemon BW2) If you had a bad day you can talk about it in pms. I'm sick and trying to recover but I have some of my energy back. EDIT: Personalizing it is not a cool thing.
  3. This Crazy World...

    The holidays have gone commercialized to the point that it's not about spending time with their family members but about buying that big ticket item as cheap as possible before the holidays are over with. @DS: I mean in general its hard to shut down big businesses. Even if you don't shop during the holidays it's really hard to not shop at one because of said reasons. Right now I'm trying to buy everything from Amazon and online but you have people who don't know/don't care/don't want to use computers for shopping and rather have a hands on gathering and experience and "I want what I want right now." I talked to some people at work and almost all of them were going to major chains like Walmart, Best buy, etc. to do Black friday and pre Xmas shopping. Its like the 1st and the 2st in terms of shopping with Black friday; everyone gets their food stamps and buy food then, no matter what, thus businesses get the most revenue then and they don't really care about their workers or getting the people out fast enough, just the money.
  4. Nintendo's Wii U

    Bahahah. It's funny I got ads for everything else but this. I even got ads for the Vita as well as P4 Golden but I was surprised that I didn't find Wii u in my inbox. Still that's a warning sign in itself.
  5. This Crazy World...

    Thanks for the link. Well that's impossible. You would have to buy from small businesses all the time and then there are things that you just can't buy so it's a Catch 22. I don't personally shop at Walmart after an incident with returning an defective airbed that the customer service (who were women,) threw the receipt at me, refused to give me a refund, refuse to give me or call customer service/ SM even after I called them myself showing that their policy was wrong, and above all refused to give me a refund even after they said they would over the phone. Mind you I was there for two hours arguing back and forth before they finally called the store manager. -You can buy from thift stores but if you need shoes in a specific size you need to buy from a major retail store. Or specific clothing. -You can buy food from online but then its hard when you need food right away or a specific food item (Jewels/Food4less/etc. big businesses.) -You can buy video games from smaller stores/Chicago craigslist but what if you want a new video game or they don't have a system you want to buy as a gift? (Best buy/Walmart/Gamestop/etc.) It's hard to stick it to the man when your opinions are limited. I'm complaining because one of the major issues of this country is that businesses go over all but the government, and in some cases they go over the government. I am debating if I should move to another country and what country would be go to move in the future. http://money.cnn.com/2012/11/13/technology/mobile/papa-johns/ The people might get at the most some free pizza.
  6. This Crazy World...

    Link? That's why it's the business fault as well as the people. Businesses don't care about people period. Just saying, "Oh they are just businesses that's how they are," is the reason why businesses are making money and not giving any back to this country when they oversource or decide to hire people under the table.
  7. Nintendo's Wii U

    Really? I thought with Black Friday they would hype this up more. I haven't even received emails about it. Funny enough I received emails for Pokemon BW2 and the 3DS XL.
  8. Nintendo's Wii U

    Hasn't seen gamestop advertisement via emails and wonders if to go inside the local gamestop to see if they even have pre orders.
  9. What's Next On Your Anime List?

    Watching Medaka abnormal. They cut some things out (such as the backstories for abnormals,) but otherwise it's a good manga->anime adaption. So far the voices are on par except for Medaka, whos voice has changed.
  10. Sweet Home Chicago!

    Welcome back. -Hands a deep dish pizza- But my suggestion is to move to Shanghai and never look back. Well if you can deal with Communism.
  11. This Crazy World...

    But that's the problem; it's up to the businesses to do the final say so. The people who are working at Walmart until after Thanksgiving have families too. Some of them don't but many of them do as well. This would be different if this was the first time doing it but apparently after someone stole 360s and beat someone's butt over a Wii they decided the figures were good enough to do it again, even earlier than last year. It doesn't help that Walmart, Target, etc. hype this up so it makes it even worse, since this country is so commericalized. I worked in retail and Thanksgiving was optional and double overtime as well as Xmas eve. Xmas was closed; period. We had people come in the store but it was still OPTIONAL, we didn't work until 9pm after Thanksgiving, and if we did overnights we had the option to leave early for families. For Walmart not only is it not double overtime, but its a blackout day (which means you can't call off or have that day off,) and you HAVE to work it from what I asked from Walmart associates. Also I heard that Walmart is open Xmas too? That in itself is wrong. It's the business as well as the people's fault. The stupid people for actually coming to get fifty bucks off a crockpot as well as the businesses for not caring about people in the first place. EDIT: This is why I never go to Black fridays, period. If I want a system so badly cheap I can go on ebay or Amazon and do it.
  12. When is fat...fat anymore?

    Outside of Mine and Bird who argued did obesity contribute to taxes/debit, nobody has said anything negative about fat people in general. It depends on the person in question, situation, and genetics. Xeno brought up the topic but that was it. Most of us are wondering why does this country coddle or ignore the problem of extreme skinny or extreme fat people or do the opposite and just talk about those two extremes with judging eyes. Both cases are bad and both lead to wasting of money just like people who are addicted to credit cards, drugs, alcohol, etc. The fact that other countries judge us on our weight as well as our viewpoints only adds onto this. Ignoring the issue isn't going to help the person or this country. My family has both fat and skinny people and I was near 200+ pounds at one point, until I got sick and lost a lot of weight down to around 130 or so. Now people say I need to eat. Being fat causes diabetes and other issues; being underweight can cause heart, kidney, liver, etc. issues. as well as ulcers and gum disease if you 'purge,' as well. You should be the correct weight for your height and if you are under or over that is a major concern, stranger or not. Saying that "It doesn't concern me," isn't anyone's viewpoint in this thread. We are trying to debate on solutions and why does it happen. I said "Fat people should have sex more, thus they can lose weight and have fun!" Everyone does it so why not? Yes I am serious. For skinny people...no idea yet!
  13. This Crazy World...

    No; never heard of it. Is it the new "Mouse trap," craze game? Black friday on Thanksgiving at 8pm! WE DO NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE AT ALL WHATSOEVER<3