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  1. Damn. Good thing she's been fired and they're taking action against her. I checked my account, and we were charged the correct amount. We only checked in about an hour or two before you, too. o.O Maaaan, if someone did that to me, I think my inner psycho would come out swinging. I'd have to cut someone. Srsly.

    Rain. Normally, I like rain. I like the sound of it, the smell of it, and how it gets nice and cool outside. However, my summer internship position is a field scout; I walk through corn and soybean fields to check for insects, weeds, diseases, soil problems, etc. This past Wednesday, we had one HELL of a storm system pass through, and I couldn't get out to my fields because half of them were underwater and the gravel country roads were flooded all over the place. I about had a mental breakdown just trying to find a road that got through, and I was crying and praying and swearing as I drove through flooded roads, praying my car wouldn't get stuck and strand me in the middle of rural Illinois. When I finally WAS able to get out on Thursday, lots of roads were still flooded, and my rain boots were ruined by water and mud. RUINED. Three pairs of socks also ruined. Yesterday was SLIGHTLY better, but my boots were still being sucked into the muck. It was ridiculous. And we had ANOTHER storm pass through today. Luckily I didn't have to work, but I WAS walking home from the library. In a 5-block walk home, I was soaked to the skin. I had to hide my phone and iPod in my sports bra because it was the least likely to get soaked (I was right). I almost lost my shoes about 6 times in flooded gutters and sidewalks. Therefore, RAIN SUCKS.
  3. ACen is proud to bring you FLOW

    LOL, I was too quick in making a thread, I suppose. XD Anywho, YAY. I love Flow! Every time we did karaoke in Japan last summer, we sang "GO!!!" with the Japanese students. I'm looking forward to this! =D I commented on the video on YouTube, also. That first comment is me. =D
  4. FLOW!

    Yes! I love FLOW! When I went to Japan last summer, every time we did karaoke, we sang "GO!" -- one of the many MANY Naruto openings. It's a very popular song (and band) in Japan. Thank you guys soooo much! Oh, and that video. . . So amazing. =D
  5. What are you listening to?

    "Vox Populi" by 30 Seconds to Mars
  6. Finally we're getting guests!

    Tatum. . . . I love you, ACen. Sometimes we may fight and disagree, but right now, I love you.
  7. Future Plans?

    I'm a sophomore at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Krystal and I attend the same school, haha) right now. I'm majoring in Agricultural and Biological Engineering, and I'm working towards and International Minor in Engineering in Japanese Studies. Last summer, I studied abroad in Japan, and this summer I've secured an internship to work with the U of I extension and local farmers to check their fields for pests, diseases, erosion issues, etc. I have moments occasionally when I wonder if I chose the right engineering major, but then I have classes with the head of the Soil and Water Resources Department, and I realize why I fell in love with my field all over again. In my future, I really want to be involved with sustainability or environmental protection in some way. U of I is number one in the country for my field of engineering, so I should be able to get enough experience and connections here to get a fairly good job after I graduate. And the minor? Well, I'd love to give Japan an honest try for a place to live someday. I spent two months there living pretty much on my own, and I fell in love with it. Japan has it's own agricultural and sustainability issues, so I would love to work in something like that. As for other goals, I'd love to travel to so many different countries! I want to perfect my language skills in Spanish and Japanese so I can be a true tri-linguist. I WILL be moving out of my parents' house once I'm done with schooling. Husband and kids? Maybe one day; we'll see. Oh, and I'm running a marathon in two weeks. =D Should be interesting seeing as I strained my IT band (aka runner's knee) 9 days ago, but my recovery is going well so far. ^_^
  8. Vic WASN"T Invited?!

    Krystal is right. Posting rumors like this is NOT a good idea. EVER. The only people who should be making any announcements about guests are people from the Guest Relations staff. Not even people who know Vic personally should be making announcements, and they don't. That's GR's job. While Vic has come to many ACens in the past, I don't feel like that qualifies him to be a "tradition." Yes, he is immensely popular when he comes, and hundreds of people enjoy seeing him. I am a great fan of Vic myself; I love attending his panels, and he's always nice and friendly at signings. Vic has another commitment that weekend, though, so he can't come this year. With how many conventions there are in this country nowadays, there's bound to be a con that misses out on a guest because someone else got him/her. That's just how it is. I understand your wanting to see him, but there will be other ACens, other cons. He has already been officially announced at several other cons for this year; if you really wish to see him that badly, you could always plan to attend one of those. I, for one, am going to two other cons this year where Vic is going to be a guest, so I'm not too terribly upset about ACen not having him this year.
  9. Pre-reg ends tomorrow?

    Yes. lol
  10. Volunteering!

    I got my e-mail! I actually got it a few days ago, but I haven't had the chance to scan and e-mail the completed form back yet. I'm assuming that's an acceptable way of returning it?
  11. So what got you started?

    I was in high school, and a bunch of the kids in the grade below me who were on Math Team and Scholastic Bowl were really into anime. They tried to get me to go to ACen 2008, but I was going to our prom as a senior's date that year, so I couldn't. Around November of 2009, though, I decided, "Eh, what the hell. I'll go to ACen. It sounds fun." I had only seen one anime at that point, Sky Girls, and that was only because one of my favorite songs on DDR SuperNova2 was the opening to its OVA. XD My older brothers told me to watch Bleach, so I did. And voila, a new anime fan was born.
  12. Skimpy Costumes

    Well, this is a family-friendly con, so don't do anything that will permanently scar any kids who might come, haha. But really, you have to make sure you follow the normal laws about indecent exposure -- as long as all the important parts are covered, you should be ok. From what you described, it doesn't sound bad at all. I've seen skimpier outfits than that there, and they're always in the clear as long as they aren't hanging out their junk. XD
  13. Is it sad that i already know what Im doing next year?

    Dude, I've had my Princess Massacre Euphemia from Code Geass outfit in the works since last September, and it was always intended for ACen 2012. XD

    THIS is why I never let my parents anywhere near my laptop. And it's not like they can pull the "I paid for it so I can use it" card since I bought this thing with my own money. I let them use it once when we were on vacation, and my mom almost closed out an important window I had open because she didn't understand how the internet works. THEN my dad successfully closed out my entire browser and then got mad at me for getting mad at him. That's something huge that makes me FUUUUU: when my parents absolutely FAIL at technology and/or break mine. My dad doesn't even know how to copy/paste or attach a document to an e-mail; he's been making us do it for him for years. Even when we show him, he never remembers. They're always like, "Yeah, but you guys grew up with this stuff! It's easy!" Um, no. I got my first iPod when I was 14 (5 years ago) and taught myself how to use it. I never read instruction manuals. And we didn't get a computer with internet until I was almost 13. Grew up with it. .. . right. . .
  15. Wearing My Work Uniform

    It sounds like you described my work uniform from Subway. XDDD So basically, you're wearing your work uniform as a cosplay? If you want to change it and make it more unique, you can do some small changes. Get awesome shoelaces, for one. Ooohhh, get some flair -- aka pins or buttons with funny sayings.