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  1. Shugo Chara 2015

    ^ Oh don't worry about it! She was fine and tbh was more excited about being held by an Ikuto than anything lmao
  2. Shugo Chara 2015

    Oh my godddddddddddddd thank you so much for posting these!!! My niece was the Rima and she was so excited to see all of you!! Thank you guys so much, she said it was the best part of her weekend.
  3. Gripes Against Individuals

    Glad to see other people were bothered by the smell of smoke all weekend. It really sucked leaving my room Saturday morning/afternoon and being greeted with the smell of weed. Come on guys. Just stop. To be honest, this year wasn't as bad as previous years in terms of people, other than the smoking. The only real complaint I had was towards the group doing a photoshoot of Beyond the Horizon in the Embassy pool. Ok, I get it. You want to do a photoshoot with water and it's the perfect chance. But really? I had taken my niece and there was also another little girl swimming at that time. Needless to say, I was fuming every time the camera happened to be pointed at my niece. I WILL be looking for those photos and if I see a picture of her in her swimsuit in them, I will be raising hell. Because yes, believe it or not, people do get their kicks out of it and I'd rather not have pictures of her ending up on gross sites just because you couldn't use common sense. There's a reason you rent permits to do these types of shoots. Don't be cheap.
  4. Legend of Zelda

    ï¼¾ Alright, cool! I submitted the form, so hopefully I'll find out soon what slot we got for Saturday Aw man it would've been cool to see a Seo!
  5. Nanatsu no Taizai

    I don't know how popular this series is right now, so I was a bit wary of setting up a group thread for it. It'd be awesome if we could get enough people though! Anyone cosplaying from Nanatsu no Taizai? I'll be Diane on Friday in either her first or new outfit.
  6. Legend of Zelda

    Dang, I found this thread kind of late. I'm surprised there's no one posting rn I'm bringing Saria and my niece will be Wind Waker Zelda for Saturday. If no one else is willing to run a 2nd shoot for Saturday, I'd be fine doing it. Is there any preference for time? It looks like the garden area is available around noon if that's fine for everyone.
  7. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

    I'm prob bringing along Chiyo. I'd def love to see a photoshoot if there are more cosplayers!
  8. 2015 Guest Announcements?

    ^ Wow. I had an inkling that the late announcements were all due to industry promotional needs, but never realized to what extent. I feel bad about being impatient now orz I honestly only care for Japanese guests though so I really do hope that the relationship gets better. I'll just echo everyone else's statements that having you as the head gives me more faith. Thanks as always for keeping us in the loop!
  9. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    Niceee! It's very exciting that ACen was able to get them. Awesome job El Ken! And it's great that we're getting the announcement in January rather than like March.. At least there's a bit of time to spread around this news.
  10. Studio Trigger?

    Yes please I would die if Studio Trigger came to ACen. Please.
  11. Cosplay Gathering Stupidity

    It's really sad to see that the gatherings are not getting better, but worse. I didn't personally participate in any, but followed my friend to some shoots. I watched the Avatar group run around in circles because their location was taken over. In the end, they just took the available loading dock. I tried telling them that they can't just take over a place because some other group might need it, but then they told me how another group took over their spot. I just gave up by then. Afterwards, another shoot was basically blocking the road waiting for Avatar to move. Like literally waiting in the middle of the street. It was a mess. I'm also surprised that gathering revisions weren't put into the program book. Was a previous schedule submitted instead of the right one?? Not everyone has the guidebook, or even a phone that can access the internet in an efficient manner. People who are just coming to the con and don't even know of the guidebook are going to follow the program book. There should be a cutoff date for the gathering schedule revisions and it should be followed accordingly. And THAT schedule should be the one printed. I suggested this last year. Honestly, the photoshoot schedules are too full. A lot of the more popular series aren't given enough time just so every group that's requested can be put on there. I ran a Fatal Frame shoot a few years ago and no one showed up to it. I felt bad immediately that I had taken up a spot on the schedule when it could've been given to something else. Cosplay staff needs to be changed and given more manpower. I can't see how anything will improve if it keeps on going like this. Having more people will allow for better organization. It'll also help if there are more people who are knowledgeable on a given series's popularity and needs.
  12. What are you looking for this year at ACen?

    Donald Duck and Stitch stuff. Or anything cute Disney but mostly of those two. Also a Donald kigurumi if they have one for not over $100. And also some Sentimental Circus merch Other than that, I'll be on a the lookout for a Frau figure, Shinku nendoroid, and anything Brother's Conflict. I.. I need to save /cries/
  13. Kill la Kill

    /sigh/ I was really hoping this photoshoot would be on Friday. Oh well. Can't be helped if that's where they put us. I'll probably still come by but as Osaka!Trip Mako. I'll also bring bags of snacks to share like she has in those episodes. I hope that's ok. ヾ|*´・ω・|q Also just curious but why does it say "View to a Kill"????? I noticed that on the photoshoot list too...
  14. Kill la Kill

    Cool the timing and everything is perfect! I can't wait to see everyone in their costumes. Also thank you for posting those reminders. It's something every gathering should have in their thread.
  15. --- edit --- Room is taken! Thanks!