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  1. Steven Universe 2K15

    I'll be there as Opal and I should have a Jasper with me. Day hasn't been decided yet so if the meet-up is at 3 we'll try and have the costumes on for it!
  2. RWBY 2015

    Just a quick reminder that Rooster Teeth has specifically asked fans not to send them anything in relation to the passing of Monty Oum. People are, of course, still welcome to do it as something for the community and each other, but let's give the staff the time to mourn on their own terms.
  3. RWBY 2015

    Hey guys, I'm bringing Ruby and her team again this year :D/> we loved seeing people last year and I'm thrilled to see the lovely Fire Claimer working out the details for this years
  4. RWBY 2014

    I have a full team RWBY (battle, school uniforms, and PJs) and a Sun and a Jr. I hope we're planning a meet-up?
  5. Tales of... 2012

    It was really awesome to see all of the great cosplays you guys did. I was the Rita with the book so if you snapped any pictures you care to share that would be awesome. I'll be posting the ones our Estelle got of the photoshoot soon.
  6. Tales of... 2012

    I'm coming a little late to this party apparently, but I'm going to be cosplaying Rita from Tales of Vesperia and am bringing a Yuri, Judith, Karol, Duke, and Estelle with me. We will definitely be there on Saturday.
  7. Avatar The Last Airbender 2011

    Hey, don't know if you guys have been checking the weather, but it's supposed to rain on and off all Saturday (thank you Chicago) Do we have an alternate meeting place in case it's really gross?
  8. Avatar The Last Airbender 2011

    We've also just acquired a Dai Li for our group.
  9. Avatar The Last Airbender 2011

    Figured this was a good place to start considering the company; does anyone have any tips on making those ridiculous firenation boots with the curly toe?
  10. Sango hiraikotsu (boomerang)

    I made one a few year ago out of two sheets of Balsa Foam that I painted with acrylics to harden it. Balsa Foam is super light weight and amazingly easy to carve. If you still haven't picked a material I really recomend this stuff. To fit height requirements it came apart into two pieces at the middle.
  11. Avatar The Last Airbender 2011

    Not everyone has decided but I know we'll have an invaion Sokka, season 3 Azula, Kyoshi Warrior Suki, and Toph in her first outfit. Our Ty Lee, Mai, Zuko and I also plan on bringing the outfits from the episode "The Beach" as well. If your friend has any advice about the Azula coplay, I'd love the help!
  12. Avatar The Last Airbender 2011

    Wow, I'm really excited to see so many people going as avatar characters. Between me and my friends we will have a Ty Lee, Mai, Sokka, Katara, Suki, Toph, Iroh, Appa, and my brother and I are going as Zuko and Azula. I'm making all the costumes for my group so if anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it if you don't mind sharing some tips and tricks.