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  1. Call for Fanfiction Panelists

    Hey Doc, I am definitely positively absolutely going this year! If you still have a slot for me, that is.
  2. Approved and Denied Panels for 2013

    Same here.... Pretty much whether I attend ACen at all is contingent upon whether that last panel I was supposed to be on gets approved. Chicago is too far from Atlanta to justify going if I'm not on any panels. :mellow:
  3. Final Fantasy MMO Panel 2013

    For those curious, we're expecting an announcement about FFXIV 2.0 from Yoshi P on January 7th. This announcement is likely to be one of two things: the new benchmark, or an announcement for beta test slots. If you were a 1.0 Legacy member, you are automatically guaranteed to be in Phase III of the beta, and are qualified to apply for Phase I and II even if you don't meet all of the other requirements. Alpha testing ended on December 27th and was a success - the servers didn't crash even when they held a live Nico Nico Douga interview with Yoshi P.
  4. One of my panelists has confirmed she will be in attendance - it was iffy when I submitted the panel application itself so I left her name off. As the panel has not yet been approved, is there any way to add her name to the panel request now? Or do I have to wait until if/when the panel is approved to add her in? Thanks for all your hard work!
  5. Fairy Tail panel?

    I know there was a Fairy Tail panel last year, because I was a dork and totally missed it. Whoever ran it last year, are you interested in running it again this year? If not, I'd be happy to take over if I could get a couple of panelists. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where to even begin asking for paneists - besides here, that is. Anyone? *poke*
  6. Hello! I have just confirmed I'll be freshly graduated by May 17th (commencement is the 10th - I'll be freeeee!) and should be able to run the panel again this year. Last year, we tried to go for three hours and that didn't work. So we'll scale back down to 2 hours. Stuff we'll be covering: - New Seekers of Adoulin expansion for XI - Version 2.0 for XIV (and how it's doing by next May...) - Known future plans for both games - Anything else we can think of After the disaster last year whereupon my XIV person could not make it, I took it upon myself to play XIV some. I have a 35 THM on Balmung and a Goobbue Mount. I haven't played in two months, but I want to start sort of fresh on a new job when version 2.0 comes out, and I'm aiming for the beta of 2.0. Looks good so far to me; then again as long as I'm not running at 10 FPS in The Fronds I'll be happy with 2.0. Our traditional time has been during the Masqurade, but I think we've got enough clout at ACen now that we can request a different slot. What times would people prefer to go to this panel? Saturday morning? Friday evening? Or should we stick with our 7PM time and continue to provide alternate content for those poor souls who can't get Masquerade tickets? Edit: Crap, this is in the wrong sub forum. Going to try to move it...
  7. Horrible treatment at the Embassy

    Alas, Embassy would have to stop serving breakfast and drinks for people to stop staying there...
  8. 2012 Gripes thread

    Here's my Pros and Cons: I was doing my FF MMORPG panel in the Doubletree when the fire alarm incident happened in the Hyatt. I didn't even find out about it until afterward when we were eating dinner at the Doubletree's restaurant and learned about the incident from fellow diners. So, there's an advantage to spreading out big events from hotels other than the Hyatt and ACen might do well to considering utilizing the other hotels for big events that butt up against each other. Keep the Main Programming events at the Hyatt, but put the dances and other stuff in other hotels. That way, if the Masquerade has to run long, it won't ruin the other things. I had no problems picking up my panelist badge on Friday morning, but my co-panelist reported major issues. So whatever it was got resolved within an hour of it happening, but really, after all these years, panelist badges shouldn't cause any problems, even minor ones. Lost and Found: Pick one place and stick with it. A friend lost her cell phone on Friday night and went on an epic quest on Saturday to determine where Lost and Found had moved to. She eventually got her phone back, but it took four hours of wandering around between various places... Panels too late: I was a pinch hitter for How Not To Write a Lemon, but because the panel was scheduled for 12:45 AM on Friday, we had much lower attendance than previous years. I think that the latest any panel (that isn't a rave/dance/concert) should be scheduled is 11:30 PM, even the "adult content" ones. By 2AM the panelists were dead tired and very silly. Another Pro: We managed to fill up all but 15 minutes of our marathon 3 hour FF MMORPG panel. Our staff/volunteer guy (don't know his name) was very polite and helpful, and when we were taking our break asked us how things were going. I want to give a big +1 to that dude as he took care of us :) I wish all the panel volunteers were that nice and helpful!
  9. Main site warning alert & Registration errors

    I am also getting the "cannot send email" warning, although it says my panel submission went through. I am assuming that was just a confirmation email that is burping.
  10. FFXI Panel 2011

    Yeah, sorry for cross-scheduling with the Masquerade. This panel is usually cross scheduled with the Masquerade, on purpose. We want a two hour time block, and because only so many people can go see the masquerade/participate it, I like to believe I am giving folks another option. So I specifically request to be put during the Masquerade time block. (I mean, hell, I've participated in the Masquerade myself before, so I know how much fun it is, but they can only hold 3,000-5,000 people all told, and there were over 20K folks at the con this year. That's 15,000 people with nothing else to do!)
  11. Panel Programming Feedback Thread

    What if you asked people to select from a list of categories when they submit their panel request? That way they get to choose. (So "How to make character themed bento boxes" would have to choose between Japan-general track or fan created content, but they'd be the one to make that decision.) Just include a disclaimer that your track selection may not be final, if there is an inundation of panels on a specific topic and it needs to be further split, or there's only three panels in your track and it needs to be lumped together with something else. Even if you don't put them in the same rooms, just having a "categories" list of panels in the program book would allow people to see, at a glance, all the stuff on a given subject.
  12. Panel Programming Feedback Thread

    Okay so the original thread was redirected to here... http://www.ACen.org/forums/index.php/topic/40477-panel-programming/ I won't copy-pasta the whole thing, but here was the original post, and my last post:
  13. Panel Programming

    Redirected as posted above. Mods may lock this topic. It seems like a logistical nightmare, but the aforementioned PCA-ACA had nearly a thousand panels this year and they managed to do it. (Their program book was over 500 pages long. It's a freaking textbook.) At any given time, at least 20 panels were running - all on completely different topics. It also helps if you ask for people to group themselves, given a choice of 10 or so broad categories. For example: Cosplay/Special Effects/Wig and Makeup Video Games Anime Topics and Themes (for example, sports anime and manga or the folklore panel) Fanfiction/Fanart/AMVS (and other fan created content) Music topics (singing in Japanese, Karaoke, band fan panels) Japan topics (JET, I lived in Japan and so can you) Series/Subject Specific: Hetalia and/or whatever thing will be giant with 10 panels and photoshoots next year
  14. Panel Programming Feedback Thread

    Yeah, it occurred to me that this was my first ACen in nearly a decade where the only time I set foot in the Hyatt was to pick up my badge from panel programming ops. I didn't mind that, honestly, since I stayed in the Embassy, and having events within the Embassy and the Hilton and the Doubletree meant less walking, not more. I wouldn't mind having more events scattered throughout those hotels in the years to come for that very reason. It was great to go downstairs, grab breakfast, and then wander next door for an 8:30 AM panel. It felt like college again. :P The Hilton 2nd floor rooms are good sizes for workshops, but they need an attendance limited caveat printed in the program books and pre-sign-ups on a website. "Warning: This panel/workshop is limited to the first 30 people. Please sign up ahead of time at http://blahblahblah or by visiting panel programming."
  15. Panel Programming Feedback Thread

    My major issue this go round was that there seemed to be no rhyme or reason into determining what panels were scheduled when. We had a lot of overlap on similarly themed topics (I have a suggestion for sorting panels into "tracks" over in the gripes forums), so that people were forced to choose between panels. For example, the console RPG panel was scheduled at the same time as the final fantasy MMO panel, and a few people expressed dismay that they were scheduled at the same time. Both were in giant rooms, too, it wasn't as if we needed to divide the audience. I am also still confused as to why my panel's time was changed. At first I assumed that the panel right before me must have requested a time change, but the room was empty for an hour instead. I know that the panel right after mine requested a time change (so as not to overlap with a similarly themed panel, yet again), but somehow word got about that we had requested a time change, which we definitely did not. The hour delay actually made things more difficult for a panelist, who had to drive back to Terra Haute in the middle of the night. :(