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  1. How Much Should I Save?

    $300 for hotel $100 for hotel fee $50 for badge (I usually purchase them late since my money is kinda weird) $20 on food (I don't eat much, so I'll just bring some food from home or something to munch on) $120-150 for spending This year's gonna be pretty much cheaper than the last since I'm now in college and on a serious budget. But I'm most likely going to spend all my time in panels and the gaming room than I did last year in the Exhibit Hall most of the time. And I might lower my spending cost since most of the things I see at the con are things I can live without or get cheaper online.
  2. PewDiePie?

    Yeah I would totally love Pewdie to be at ACen. Since I'm subscribed to him, it seems like he plays more games than anything else so he'd be better at a gaming con, not so much an anime con. But still would be pretty sweet though to meet him in person. *Brofist*!
  3. Suggestions for ACen 2013

    I have to totally agree with you. This years panels were just outragous. I did try to abide by the "30 Minute" rule but everytime I'd get there within 30 minutes before the panels were supposed to start, the lines would be very long. I missed a lot of panels cuz of that (Ask a Nation, Castlevania, FMA, ect.). There were times I had to leave some of the panels because there were too many heads and I couldn't see. I did however for the DMC panel get there an hour early so I wouldn't have to be all the way in the back and not really guarentee myself a decent enough seat. So I do have to agree that the 30 minute rule should be taken down because even if you get there in 30 minutes and 40 minutes before, the there are people just huddled around the doors just waiting to get inside. It would make a big difference if the rule changed. It's just a thought as well but that'd deffinitely help for next year.
  4. 2013 Dates

    I still haven't unpacked all my cosplay yet. Too lazy. But I'm also gonna be stalking the ACen pages on here to see when the badges are coming in and the latest feeds. I'm totally excited about next year that I just want this year to hurry the heck up!DX Hopefully, I can book a room at Mariott on time instead of the last minute and stress myself and my friends outXD
  5. Acen is no longer about anime.

    I noticed that too about ACen last year. It was only my first year,so I can't go far into giving my own opinion about this treade. But while a lot of conventions do have anime in them, they also have non-anime related activities; Gaming, artist panels, fasion shows, concerts. Whatever the activity is, I usually enjoy myself whenever I go to conventions. I do usually go to see and buy tones of anime, but I also like to interact with different people about games, anime, Japanese fasions, etc. I'm not too sure about the 40+ thing, like others have said, but times change and so do anime. There's a lot of guests whom I don't even recognize too much except LM.C but it'd be nice to see old school anime like Ghost in the Shell, Big O, Gundam, Cowboy Beebop, Trigun, Guyver, ect. But from what I've experienced(although I'm only 19), conventions usually like to switch their events each year to satisfy different tastes in people instead of having the same thing each year----I think is what I'm trying to imply. :blink: :o
  6. Who's going to the Crystal Ball?

    I'm going too with my cousin and some friends. I don't know about what they'll be wearing at the CB, but I'll be having either neko ears or Vocaloid headphones on^^
  7. Food within walking distance of the Hyatt?

    Thanks! Thats perfect^3^
  8. Food within walking distance of the Hyatt?

    Last year, I ate Mc. Donalds and Giordano's while I was there. I liked Giordano's food, but Mc. Donalds made me sick, since I'm not use to eating their food. I was going to order some Chinese food this time, but if there's a Subway(which I like to eat at a lot), I wanted to know how many miles would that be from Marriott since I booked a room with them. I walk 3.5 miles from home to school, so walking isn't an issue.
  9. 2012 Guests this year?/DDR

    Gome! Don't kill me! I got this info from one of my friends who went last year. Only International Guest I've seen is LMC, so I'm REALLY looking forward to that. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  10. How Much Should I Save?

    Oooh~! I thought it was 150 each night! I'm sorry, I got it wrong. *And here I was trying to sound smartXD*
  11. How Much Should I Save?

    You know, you can cut the price for hotel if you book one with Mariott. I'm not sure if they have any rooms left(I booked mine around the end of November) but their price still remains 109 per night which is £218+tax. If you split it with someone, you should be able to have enough(about £124.5 per person). And thats for the whole weekend---until they kick you out at 12:00 on Sunday^J^ ~Hope that helped.
  12. 2012 Guests this year?/DDR

    It's my second year at ACen and I'm very happy about it!XD And while this year was fun, I didn't get to see any voice actors since my friends just wanted to play games and stay in the hotel all day. So this year, I wanted to know who's going to be US guests for ACen. Because I keep hearing from my friend that J. Michael Tatum who does the voices for Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji and France from Hetalia is going to be there this year and I just wanted to squeel like a fangirl and have his autograph. I've also heard that the voice actor for Hopes mother Nora will be there too. Help me out here! Cuz I wanna know!XD Will there be any US/International guests coming to ACen this year and where should I go to meet them? (Last year, I didn't know where to go) Also, will there be a DDR tournament at ACen too? Because I know you all have a Yugioh tournament too but more concerend about DDR. Kayxthnksxbye!X3
  13. Announcing the Crystal Ball!

    So if we can go to the Crystal Ball, we can go to the Soap Bubble too? Is the Soap Bubble still on Saturday night like this year?
  14. Volunteering in 2012!

    If I can, I'd like to help you guys out for next year too^_^ Since this year was awesome!
  15. How long does it take for a badge to come?

    Thank You for the info!