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  1. Hello, forumites! We have had some changes in the prop rules recently, so I'm starting a new topic for this. Just like in past years, this is the exact same checklist that we give our ops to judge your props, and it's an easy way to double-check if your prop fits within the rules of Anime Central. However, this year, pay special attention to the new gun prop rules. As always, if you have any questions about props, post them in the forums; do not PM me (or anyone else) personally. That way, everyone can see and benefit from the answer. The Prop Acceptability Checklist If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, the prop is not allowed. Is the prop longer than the congoer's height when carried, if the congoer is at least 4 feet tall? Is the prop longer than 4 feet when carried, if the congoer is less than 4 feet tall? Is the prop made of live steel? Is the prop a real firearm? If the prop is a gun-like prop, does it lack an orange tip? If the prop is an gun-like prop, is it not disabled and unloaded? Are there projectiles loaded or nocked into the prop or easily accessible on the prop's carrier? If the prop is a water gun, is there water in the reservoir? If the prop is a bow or other stringed weapon, is it tightly strung? Are there any loose arrows or bolts with the costume or prop? If the prop is a sword-like prop, is it being carried in a dangerous manner? The Costume Acceptability Checklist If you can answer yes to any of the following questions, the costume is not allowed. Does the costume have dangerous protrusions? Does the costume break the 6-inch zone? Does the costume severely obstruct mobility or line-of-sight for the wearer? Does the costume violate local decency laws? Does the costume have offensive speech in any language on it? Is the congoer wearing or holding a sign that is not part of the costume? --- The big thing to note is that gun-like props are no longer required to not be realistic. We only require three things of a gun-like prop: It must have an orange tip. It must be disabled. It must be unloaded. Well, there you go. Of course, the rules will be in the program book and on the website, but this is the list of things IRT will be checking against. We apologize for the late rules change, but it took a little bit to put it together, so I hope you guys will be happy with the loosening of the rules!
  2. Join IRT for 2016!

    The application to join IRT for ACen 2016 is up! You can find it at http://bit.ly/irtapp2016. IRT is a customer service-focused security department. We are looking for people who love talking to attendees, are resourceful, and can become fast friends with their teammates. Customer service experience is a plus, as is familiarity with ACen and previous convention experience. That said, new folks bring new ideas, so we'd love to have you even if you've never worked a con. There is an interview and an open-book test required for the position. You'll need to arrive on Thursday and stay until Sunday evening.
  3. Gripes Against Individuals

    This year, MAPS (the company that owns ACen) decided to have only private security (and not IRT) in the convention center, which is why there were no IRT ops around when you looked for one. I'm glad that you were confident enough to get your friend out of there, and I'm sad to hear that this happened to your friend and you had no staff to turn to. If you'd like to make sure that the ACen management hears your comments, please send them to feedback@ACen.org.
  4. Drones

    We don't have any convention rules against it, but it's up to you to research the local laws. I'm also going to say that the Hyatt probably won't like having drones in the hotel, and the convention center is likely the same, so we'd ask you stick to flying them outdoors. Additionally, we ask that you limit any drone-based photography or video to crowd shots or people who you've specifically asked for permission to take their pictures, for privacy reasons. As with most new questions or requests, the standard "please don't be the reason we have to have a rule against this next year" provision applies. Please fly responsibly - and then post your pictures with the appropriate tags so we can find them after!
  5. Glass bottle prop?

    This should be fine. Please make sure it's completely dry, and be prepared to put it in your room if there is any confusion.
  6. Okita's bazooka prop

    I can't see any reason why this would break our prop rules.
  7. Hey, just popping in to confirm that past midnight (though we started a little early) the curfew laws in Rosemont are in effect. Anyone in the dance needs to be 18+ or with an 18+ chaperone. As for the dance becoming 18+ all the way through, that is a suggestion for a different department.
  8. Bow and Arrows

    In order to answer this question, I need to know a little more information: - Why won't your crossbow be able to be shot? - How is the arrow "fake"? - What is the tip of the arrow made of?
  9. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    To be clear, unloading it is also required.
  10. What's the rules regarding Hats in Concerts?

    Wow, funky situation. This has so many variables that I'm not going to be able to give you a simple straight answer, but it is important for every person who is in an event to be able to see the stage. Just like with a large prop (which are not allowed in Main Prog if they cannot be put out of the way), we'd try to help remedy any situation where someone's view is being blocked. I can't speak to the specific remedy because there are too many ways something like this would go, but if the person absolutely refused to take off their hat, I might see if we could relocate them to a part of the room where their hat would not block an attendee's view. I apologize for the non-specific answer, but this is one of those many little things that require a million tiny judgement calls based on the situation, and a broad, sweeping response isn't the right response for this.
  11. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    I appreciate the idea, but we have staff who have that experience; we just apparently need to incorporate it into our training next year.
  12. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    I'm glad to hear that our ops were out there doing exactly what they were supposed to do! Sometimes it's hard for those of us who have been working under one set of rules for so long to remember to adjust when a new set comes along, but I haven't heard any complaints about ops sticking to the old gun prop rules, and that makes me a happy Rabbi. A point of clarification, though: while the zip can be used to help disable a gun, the primary reason we put zip ties on gun props is so you have a way to show other IRT ops that the prop has already been checked. Putting it on in such a way so as to disable the gun prop and bring it into compliance is just a nice bonus.
  13. Pinata...

    For an official response: we would prefer you not do this on con grounds. Thanks!
  14. Cosplay Feature Question

    Stepping in to give an official ruling here: while it's not explicitly against the rules, this falls into the "please don't make us make a rule against it" category. Dry ice, when handled improperly, can be a dangerous substance, and the convention is too crowded for me to believe you would be able to handle it properly (even though I am sure you would have the best of intentions and take precautions). So, as cool as this idea is (ha!), I'm going to have to say that dry ice is nixed.
  15. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    There are no restrictions as to the materials that gun props can be made from, as long as they conform to the rules in the post at the beginning of this thread. As for hammers and live steel, there's a definition of what is live steel in the post at the beginning of this thread. Hammers are generally not. (Edited to add: claw hammers are not allowed due to the claw having a blade-like edge. Ball-peen hammers, for example, are okay.) Neither are tennis rackets; I'm not sure why you were told that, but I'll make sure we pay special attention to that in orientation this year.
  16. Bow and Arrows

    If you're going to be holding it the whole time, it counts as a prop, and so it should conform generally to the prop rules. So, no sharp tips made of metal, please.
  17. Music in the hallways

    Unfortunately, this kind of question is really hard to answer definitively. You've already got the gist of our policy, which is essentially "We're cool with it, as long as it's not disturbing non-convention guests and it's not creating a crowd control situation." We are, after all, not the fun police. (I know, right?) What this boils down to, though, is that anywhere you set up will be okay, until it's not, which is not a satisfying answer. Unfortunately, I can't give you a good place to set up, because I've seen crowds everywhere in our space, but if you found a place that worked well for you last year, it should be much the same this year.
  18. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    As long as you are being careful with them and not hitting someone with them or handling them dangerously, and they are not longer than you are tall, hammers are fine.
  19. Bow and Arrows

    The relevant parts of our prop policy are: Are there projectiles loaded or nocked into the prop or easily accessible on the prop's carrier? If the prop is a bow or other stringed weapon, is it tightly strung? Are there any loose arrows or bolts with the costume or prop? I would say that, as long as you have a secure place to put your posing arrow, or as long as it does not have a tip, you would be fine.
  20. Bag Policies?

    We have no ability to provide a bag check, due to the overwhelming liability that places on the convention. (It's a perennial struggle and a frequent request, but we just can't do it without raising badge prices and getting insurance and a whole bunch of other stuff that would probably make the convention a worse overall experience. The tradeoff's not worth it.) You might look into asking your hotel to store your bag for you until you have to leave; many hotels provide this service. That said, we don't have any restrictions on bags in the general convention space, so it's not a big deal (as long as you stay mindful of your bag and don't run into other people with it). The only place we don't allow bags is inside our dances, and that's for safety reasons. If you happen to have a medical reason you need to carry a small bag with you into the dance - which doesn't sound like you but may apply to others looking at this thread - you should see our Customer Service team for a pass that will allow you to carry your bag with you into the dances. In short, you should be good!
  21. cosplay rules question

    Unfortunately, you will have to remove the train. Not only might it be a safety hazard to you, but to the many other people who are walking around you in the crowded areas at ACen.
  22. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    Signs that are parts of costumes are allowed, so long as they do not have hate speech and are not solicitous in nature.
  23. ACen Security

    We definitely try to be within sight range at all times, and there are few times when that shouldn't be true. If you need one of us quickly, you can find us on the floor, come to our headquarters in the dome of the Hyatt, or find an info booth and have them radio for us.
  24. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    The rule that we use says that your costume must fit in a six-inch zone that extends out from your body. So, unfortunately, you cannot have something that extends out a foot from your body.
  25. chainmail policy

    To give an official position on this, chainmail is allowed.