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  1. Any Friday night meet-ups?

    If anyone is kind to invite me and four of my friends to a after night rm. party (hangout, wateves!) hook me up...........THANKS!
  2. Any Friday night meet-ups?

    I'd like to find out about any hotel rm. parties as well! Find it odd that this yr. there isn't a single post about a rm. party invite. I've searched on these forums before (past years) and they've had alot going on before. Now we're all trying to figure out.....WHERE THE PARTY AT?!! lol
  3. Meet up and have fun

    I want in as well for any hotel rm. parties!!! Let me know about ANY please!
  4. Meet up and have fun

    Me tooo!
  5. Roadshow Requests 2013

    I can't believe they didn't go to Kollisioncon! So much for asking... That's the same with me and my group of friends that were planning to buy them there ;(
  6. AnimeWorld Chicago 2012

    Where was it's first location since I just heard about it this year?
  7. Roller Derby events in the suburbs!

    Yeah Ottawa is too far away from me, but I'd love to go to the May 12th 4 sure! I'd like to know more, thanks!
  8. AnimeWorld Chicago 2012

    What year is this for the convention?
  9. 2012 Embassy Suites Rates and Terms

    Is the parking also for non guests and for coming in and out? Cuz I just wanna kno which hotel parking is the cheapest and where I can drive in and out for a whole day.
  10. 2nd Annual Acen Reddit Meetup! Free Glowsticks!

    What is the ACen Reddit Meetup? I don't know what Reddit means, sorry...=(
  11. Anime Nights~

    Am 21, but not OVER 21 =\
  12. Roller Derby events in the suburbs!

    Aww! It's a shame I missed this last year. I would've loved to go if I knew about this. I didn't even know there was one around here this whole time TT. I would really love to go if there's one again in 2012. If there is can you let me know, and I'll be checking for sure? I'll also let my friends know about this, they also love roller derby. By the way, I have seen Whip It, and it's one of my favorite movies! I luv Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore! =D
  13. August Meetup?

    When is Anime World?
  14. Bunny Palooza 2012

    My friends and me are ready to be bunnified! =D We're not gonna be cosplaying as bunnies or cats but would like to join the group!
  15. Acen hotel parties?

    Hook me up with this party too! I'm not the type who drinks nor does drugs, especially since I am the driver driving with my friends ;D