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  1. (FILLED)

    We did fill the spaces. Sorry!
  2. (FILLED)

    A few of my friends had real life things happen at the last minute and had to bail, so we've found ourselves with some extra space in our room at the Embassy Suites. The hotel is right across the road from the convention center and can be reached via the skywalk in 5 minutes. The rooms have separating doors between sections, two beds and a pullout couch, a fridge and microwave, and a Manager's Reception for free drinks in the atrium each night, as well as cooked to order breakfast each morning. Our group consists of ACen vets. We've all been going for at least a decade, I believe. It's a drinking environment, but not crazy. Everyone cosplays, so we're respectful. I'd be looking for responsible people who are 21+ and preferably chill. As a bonus, I actually booked the room through Monday and you'd be welcome to stay or at least not fight the Sunday crowd at no additional cost. If you are just coming in for Fri & Sat, that's fine too. If we get 5 people, total, then the price becomes $60 per person, per night. I would argue that it's the best hotel to stay in for the convention, based on space and convenience. Again, we have the room Thu-Mon. Let me know if you have any questions. Have fun out there!
  3. Two people looking for room

    I've got plenty of room at the Embassy Suites, if you're still in need of a place. Two of our friends had things pop up last minute and can't make it. There would be more than enough room, other cosplayers, and it'd be pretty chill. You can find me at www.facebook.com/elijahbarnes87 if you'd like to private message for details.
  4. There was an artist in the Exhibit Hall, last year, that had a very unique style of doing anime and sci fi references in old, traditional Japanese style. I'm trying to see if anyone knows who the person was and if they have a website. Here's a piece from the exhibit.
  5. Trying to locate artist

    There was an artist in the Exhibit Hall, last year, that had a very unique style of doing anime and sci fi references in old, traditional Japanese style. I'm trying to see if anyone knows who the person was and if they have a website. Here's a piece from the exhibit.
  6. Thinking of cancelling your reservation?

    I appreciate the offer. I've just got 3 others in my party, so we're looking for a room for ourselves.
  7. Just taking a shot in the dark. If you're looking to cancel your reservation at the Embassy Suites or Hyatt Regency, I would be extremely appreciative in taking over your reservation. Maybe we could work out some sort of compensation, as well. Just let me know. Thanks
  8. Hello! My name is Elijah and I may be looking to help someone fill their room. I've recently convinced a few of my friends (1 guy, 1 gal) to come along with me, this year, and the room that I was going to stay in would be overbooked if we all tried to cram in. Obviously, this would be in violation of hotel policy and fire code (**All Hail the Moderators!**), so I'd be looking for someone who potentially has a reservation, but almost no one to fill their room. There would be a maximum of three of us. I believe we could split up, if need be, so we could fill any vacancy for one to three people. A few details... 1) One of us is under 21. 2) We are all clean and hygienic people. 3) We are all very respectful of others. 4) One of us would be cosplaying. 5) Two of us would be at ACen for the first time. I am 29 and the oldest of the group. I have been to 10 ACens and know how things go very well. In a previous year, I roomed with some random people off the forums and made it a point to meet all the fun folks I could around my hotel. I actually just attended the wedding of two of those people, recently! I'm hoping to keep up the good track record and meet some new people, again. We are only interested in the hotels immediately surrounding the convention center (Hyatt, DoubleTree, Embassy Suites *especially*, Aloft, and Hilton). If you were feeling especially generous, I would also be willing to work out a deal to buy (i.e. give you money for) your reservation, if you were on the fence about cancelling it anyway. Of course, you'd still be able to stay in the room. If most of this sounds intriguing to you, or if you have any questions about details that I've left out or vague, please PM me. I'd be happy to speak with anyone about options. I can also provide my Facebook/contact info, if you'd like. Good Luck to Everyone and have a Happy ACen! It's right around the corner!!!
  9. Profile Pic

    So the error message I get is that my Upload failed and that I need to contact an Admin. I apologize, but I couldn't find a way to do that without just posting in the forums somewhere. I have reduced the file size of my pic well below the required minimum and have cropped the pic size down to 150x150 pixels (although the auto-size feature should fix that for me anyway, if I'm not mistaken). Can you tell me what may be the issue and what I might do to correct it? Thank you in advance.
  10. We all know that some of us book the rooms just to have them reserved, but our rosters of friends are reliably unreliable. When convention time rolls around, everyone bails, leaving you frantic to either cover the bill yourself or find a whole new slew of roomies to help foot the bill. What I'm laying down is this... I've got a solid group of easy-going, like-to-party-but-still-need-the-quiet-time dudes and ladies that I room with every year. I would like to get a room at the DoubleTree. If you happen to have a room booked, including Friday and Saturday nights, but no one consistent to fill it, let me know. We can bring the price down to $80 MAX for Thursday-Sunday (possibly even through to Monday for no extra cost). Trust me, getting to the Con a day early is the way to go, and if you've ever had trouble with your Hotel stay...just let me take care of that. A bit about the group... it's mixed company (guys & gals), ranging from age 21-30. We stay up late, drink (so 21+ folks only), respect each others' space and belongings (we have mostly cosplayers), shower daily (if not more), and just generally like to have a good time. I've been to several Anime Centrals, and this is the group that has found each other (through trial and error) and survived. If you're NEW to ACen, or know what's up and just don't want to room with *cough*douchebags*cough*...hit me up via PM and I can give you more details. There's other pretty solid reasons for rooming with us, but I'll only let you in on it if you're genuinely interested in making this work. Thanks for the read. See you, Space Cowboy....
  11. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    The other Bleach cosplayers and I are looking for albums from people who were there, shooting on Saturday. I saw upwards of thirty people taking photos, but haven't seen one pic online. Help! Thanks :)
  12. ACen 2014 Photo Share!

    Basically my album is just the League of Legends Photoshoot, but there are some great shots of everyone there! League of Legends Photos and Then Some If you want to comment and what not, I believe it works if you "Follow" me on Facebook. Follow Me For Photo Privileges!
  13. 2013 Vidz from ACen!

    For Your Viewing Pleasure! The first vid features Soap Bubble 2013 from the front lines. A full panoramic view of the thousands in the crowd, plus a special guest appearance. Vid two...ever randomly wandering the halls and lobbies? Well watch where you step or you may find yourself in the middle of a dance battle...or getting yelled at by Batman.
  14. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    Here's another video I threw up on YouTube for viewing pleasure. I just get a laugh out of these vids every time I watch them. This is one of the dance circles that formed in the Hyatt Lobby. I just so happened to catch some interesting characters showing their stuff. Enjoy!