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  1. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    Anyone take pictures of a pink cyber goth and green cyber goth? We were running around together all weekend.
  2. Hyatt DJ on Saturday Night

    So is this happening again this year?
  3. Weather Watch 2014

    Digging those temps.
  4. Parking at the Weston O'hare

    I called back today guys and according to sales and catering it is indeed 25 dollars for 24Hrs. I'm going to be looking in to other parking choices considering 25 a day is some of the highest I've seen. I was curious about doing this http://www.airportparkingreservations.com/lot_westin_ohare_ord , but I think they might get pissed if I'm not flying and I do that.
  5. The Cta Trip Planner!

    Your right, May 1st is when they are totally removing the ability to purchase them. Then the machines to use them will be removed June 1st.
  6. The Cta Trip Planner!

    They are phasing out the magnetic strip cards and replacing them with the Ventra passes completely. Also if you look on the back of your bank card/credit card and it has blink with a little signal like icon you can use it to get on the trains. It does a 5 dollar activation also though. Just take your card/wallet and place it against the ventra pass scanner on the turn styles. You can then just use your card and it will take it directly out of your bank account super easy. Phase out is June 1st btw.
  7. Parking at the Weston O'hare

    Yeah I don't want to pay 25 a day. I'll call back again tomorrow and see if I can get some more ans. Because I feel like we should be able to at least park a car for the weekend and I know things are different because of group rates.
  8. Parking at the Weston O'hare

    Hi, I was curious do you guys know if we get a parking spot if we are staying at the Westin. when I called the lady said 25 a day (however I could barely understand here). That rate seems really high. Can anyone confirm this?
  9. The Cta Trip Planner!

    The closest blue line station to Union Station would be Clinton. It will be far easier to grab that one then go downtown. Its 1 block west then about 2 blocks south.
  10. Cybergoth Meetup

    Alright cool. Is there anyone else? I don't particularly want to do this if there is very little cyber goths/interest. I tried this in 2011 and no one showed up. I know we are few. On the other hand, I'm reworking a gas mask and sort of want to do LED's and a IR remote. Does anyone have any understanding on this what type of LED bulbs I would use and how to wire this. Couldn't really find much with a google search.
  11. Cybergoth Meetup

    Who here is going be dressed in their cyber goth apparel and would like to do a meetup?
  12. Announcing ANIME MIDWEST in Chicago

    Leetstreet boys and Micah Solusod (Soul from Soul Eater) and Samurai Dan & Lady Jillian have been added to the guest list.
  13. ACen 2011 Pictures

    You got me and my girlfriend (the pink and green industrial cyber goths) Thank you! btw, tagging isn't enabled.
  14. Ravers 2011!

    I am really sad though I didnt get to see everyones rave outfits or cyber goth outfits.
  15. Official "Help Me Find This Person!" Thread!

    I am looking for the only Quorra I saw :) my girlfriend only got to take a picture with her and not talk to her at all and was pretty upset about that so i said i'd try and find her for her. If anyone knows her let her know please. Here's a picture of Quorra and the girl she was with: http://oi51.tinypic.com/t68bw6.jpg