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  1. Hey! HEY! You Remember when the forums were a thing? Now they're back

  2. Who Wants To Be A Pokemon Master!?

    As an update: ACen is only a week away and the panel schedule has been posted! "Who Wants To Be A Pokemon Master" is going to be held on Sunday, May 17th at 11:00 am in Panel Room 12. It should be fun and we hope to see you there! :D
  3. You Wanna Put What? Where?!?

    Question: What if I don't know "where" to put this "what"?
  4. Who Wants To Be A Pokemon Master!?

    All you've got to do is believe! If you still can't, then sorry. :P We are still writing out the questions, so it could easily change. But as of now, there is a mix of the show, movies, and games (maybe even some songs). Feel free to put in your input too about what you want to see! :)
  5. Hey all! Have you ever wanted to test your Pokeknowledge? Do you think you have what it takes to be the very best? Well now is your chance. You can battle against other worthy trainers to take the ultimate test in this Poketwist of a game from the classic gameshow, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaireâ€. Come on and show off all your Pokeskills and be the best like no one ever was. As of now, the panel is scheduled for Sunday, so make sure to save some time and stop by! Hopefully, everyone will have a good time and meet some new Pokefriends along the way. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Smell ya later!~
  6. Guest Announcement: Laura Bailey

    I'm so excited! I've been waiting for so long to finally meet her! Thank you!~
  7. A special area for handheld gaming?

    That actually sounds pretty cool! All the streetpasses!~ ^^
  8. 3DS Friend Codes

    My code: 2723-8993-9149 My boyfriend's code: 1693-1056-6724 Yay for friend codes!~
  9. Madoka Magica Rebellion

    Oh, you know I will be there! So exciting!~ :D
  10. Ventra

    Yeah, sometimes the Ventra pass won't recognize sometimes and it worries me. But I'm not gonna complain, I love it using it as my U-Pass.