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  1. DC Comics 2016

    I'll be going as Black mask. A Villain from Batman! :P
  2. First year!

    Welcome to the fourms!!!!
  3. Hello

    Welcome to the forums!!!
  4. Avoiding The Smoke Outside Hyatt

    What about designating the garden area across the street as the smoking area?
  5. Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forums!!!
  6. Hi, Whats up

    Welcome to the forums!!
  7. Hey Sailor!

    Welcome to the forums!!!!
  8. World War Z Trailer

    It looks really bad. I never though fast zombies when I read WWZ.
  9. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums!!
  10. Why do you attend conventions?

    To see people I only see once a year. And to drink so much I don't feel the urge to drink all year. and creep.
  11. Fukkacumi

    pics or it Didn't happen.
  12. Romney or Obama 2012!

    Neither. Libertarian party all the way.
  13. first time in the furoms and attending to cons!><

    welcome to the forums!!!
  14. The Sickness

    wash your hands more.
  15. The Breakup Thread

    Relationships fail because the 2 people aren't right for each other in the first place. At first in a relationship we try to find things we love about the other and end up finding 90% of them we hate or don't agree with.