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  1. Hyatt room blocks for 2014 already open?

    Well I guess I did put 2 people down, and yes 119 for fri and sat, and 189 for the 15th because I love going on thursday and what not. I just checked their website and their cheapest rate is 189 right now, it is amazing how they can jack the prices up
  2. Hyatt room blocks for 2014 already open?

    I got hilton for 119 a day, and that is for 2 beds, just saying
  3. 2013 Guests - Opinions?

    One word, Kalafina... I do not care if you dont know them or care for them, they are international and this is literally a once in a lifetime chance to ever see them live, they dont have many hit titles and the only one I know about is their opening of madoka magica, but I am not going to miss this chance to see them. I am not saying you are wrong on how the guests aren't as great as last years (I went last year) but Kalafina trumps every guest that I have seen, and I even got autographs of my favorite anime characters Broly and Vegeta. If you watch dubbed anime then yes I would be disappointed in the lack of guests compared to last year, but if you are more of a subbed anime kind of person like most of us are, then it really shouldn't be a big deal.
  4. Question about Will Call?

    all of my whats, please just take them, rofl
  5. I am looking for a room for just thursday, willing to pay, my name is Shawn Denis I am 24 years old my facebook is https://www.facebook.com/shawn.denis.3 I do not drink, or smoke, but I do not mind if you do, I am very polite and quiet, I am clean and I wont take up any space ( Ha, get it I am skinny) PM me or post in here if you are interested.
  6. Possible Wisconsinite Meet-up?

    I am down with a meet up, Willing to travel anywhere in the Wisconsin area
  7. Anyone we can Share Hotel Room with?

    where is your hotel and how many slots do you have available? depending on that me and a friend of mine need a room from thursday to sunday
  8. Looking for a room? Pretty Please?

    Clarified my first post to better accommodate people's needs
  9. Hello everyone! My name is Shawn Denis, FB is https://www.facebook.com/shawn.denis.3?ref=tn_tnmn, if you don't do facebook, I am 23 going to be 24 by next ACen, I originally have a group that comes with me so I don't have to ask for a room, but this year is kind of weird. Now for a little about myself, I do not smoke, do not drink, do not really party, willing to pay my share of the room (200 max), I am very polite and I am on the computer about 50% of the day rofl, my MSN is ULSSJ_Broly@hotmail.com if you would like to ask me any questions or get to know me better, please be my guest. get in contact with me either on FB, here, or on MSN PS: I would like to sleep in one of the hotels that is right across from the convention center or within walking distance. PPS: I don't mind drinking or smoking, I am a pretty heavy sleeper so parting isn't an issue either, I can sleep anywhere, doesn't need to be a bed, basically you wont even know I am there, I just need a place to sleep, shower and do my daily hygiene. I will also be bringing my Canon T3I so if you are looking for some professional shots, I could take a couple ^^
  10. League of legends 2013

    ok so, this is just being put into motion now and hopefully the rest of my group is going as what they say, Myself: HeadHunter Master Yi, DarkForge Jarvan IV Guy Friend 1: Original Skin Ezreal Guy Friend 2: Graves, either original or mafia skin Girl Friend 1: Original Skin Ahri Girl Friend 2: Nurse Akali maybe? I have another friend going but I doubt he is going to cosplay as anything
  11. *Acen 2012 Photo Gallery Thread*

    I've gotten like literally hundreds of pictures taken of me, but I can't find one of just me, I found 2 of me and my group but not just me EDIT: BTW I was celty,
  12. Photo Request Thread 2012

    anyone have the photo shoot of Durarara?
  13. Your Badge is in the Mail!

    here is a funny thing that just happened, so i ordered my badge first, then I ordered my nieces a couple days after, she just got hers in the mail today and I still have yet to get mine. Oh btw we both live in the exact same house, so what could be the problem? lol
  14. Custom Cardgame Mats

    Thank you Ashori for that tid-bit of information, I did not realize that would be considered "bootlegged". I will certainly have to check out ebay to see if any will print my custom image.