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  1. Opinions on Cosplaying from Less-Popular Animes?

    So I'm a huge fan of mashing things up/making them new again. I'm planning on doing a Dust-Punk/Mad Max version of Link. It's going to be a work in progress, and I plan on bringing it out one day of every con for a few years until it's completely rad.
  2. Hello All

    How's it going. My Name is Rich - I've been attending ACen for 5 years now. This year I'm part of Tabletop Staff. Got an awesome cosplay planned. Doing a Mad-Max/Dust-Punk style link all three days...Sadly I don't think I'll be allowed to bring my motorcycle into the hotel with it. My aim is always to have fun and meet people. So if you want to hang out/talk on here that's cool.