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  1. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    If anyone got pics of my Tharja, Genderbent Mirai, or Synch Len, please let me know! (:
  2. Beyond the Boundary 2014

    The meetup is at 7:30 at the Tower Overhang on Saturday!! //change of plans for cosplay I'll be going as Genderbend Mirai
  3. Fire Emblem 2014

    I think doing pictures by continents and maybe even character classes would be cool! aagh, I may have to leave early though because I have to go to the Vocaloid photoshoot which is at the same time x.x)))//
  4. The 2014 Prop Acceptability Checklist

    If I had a sword secured in a thick foam case but has a live steel hilt (with no poking edges or anything like that) is that allowed ?
  5. Vocaloid 2014

    I think I might actually just bring my Synchronicity Len back this year.
  6. Tumblr Users

    A fandom, humor and history blog !
  7. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    updownclockwise- omg I'm so silly! Thank you so much for pointing that out! haha
  8. Gathering Schedule - Final Countdown

    Cactusmomma- Thank you very much for the work you've put into this, but I do have a quick question! I don't see Beyond the Boundary on the schedule... is there any way we could squeeze that in?
  9. Fire Emblem 2014

    I'm excited for this meetup! I've been working on finishing Tharja..! haha
  10. Beyond the Boundary 2014

    Well I didn't sign us up-- but it looks like we are in the masterlist for gatherings!
  11. Beyond the Boundary 2014

    I'm planning on going as Mirai ! How about you all??
  12. Fire Emblem 2014

    I'll be going as Tharja and my friend as Inigo! I've never seen an Ismaire cosplay ; w; that makes me want to do Joshua..
  13. Vocaloid 2014

    Might bring Mayu or I may just do Kaiko again, looking forward to seeing all of you!
  14. The Official "Did You Get My Picture?" Thread

    I was Diana from League of Legends and Kyoko from Madoka Magica :3 Diana Kyoko
  15. ACen Photo Albums 2013

    I was the Kyoko with the chained spear with my friend the Sayaka with the glasses :3