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  1. Break ups

    A break up depends entirely on who proclaimed it and what you wnat to do about it. If you have a situation in which you just want to get rid of remorseful feelings, then wait about a month, and start going out to clubs, bars, or maybe even to your school and meet new people. There's no reason to look back, especially if your intention is to move on. We call that "Oneitis". Oneitis can take place at any time, before or after a relationship. You get the feeling that you really need that other person in your life, and it becomes very hard for you to now think about. When it gets that bad, the person with oneitis will act differently/desperatley around the person they feel the attration toward, and about 99% of the time, they just end up creeping out/annoying/ pushing away that person. Break ups aren't easy, especially since all that love, trust and work went in the relationship. But if you look back, you'll only see wasted time, lost moment, and happy times you'll only miss. But, if you look forward and around, you'll start seeing new people, new possibilities and new fun to be had. The best way to get over a break up it to go meet new potential mates and people, even if you don't pursue a relationship immediatly, you have to remind yourself that you have options, that your worth it, thay THEY are missing out, and when they see you with a new, sexy, gf/bf, they're going to realize it, but by then you don't care what they think ;). Hope that helps. Jace, MPUA
  2. So your general "I'm new" is pretty stock, so I figured, why not something better. 2011 will be my 9th ACen. I'm an illusionist, I sing in a band, I'm a professional troublemaker, I can tell you more about yourself than most of your friends know, as long as you have a good imagination. I'm the one that stands out ;). With that said. I like anime, but I'm down with old school (Trigun, Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, FLCL) Games as well, Final Fantasy and Sonic. Did I mention I'm trouble? Get at me :D!
  3. Accidentally posted 2. Sorry moderators.