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  1. Dat 2016 Room Block

    Thirded; two rooms should be the max. A person reserving two rooms is completely understandable and reasonable. Some people getting FIVE is not. I WAS a part of something like that years back (a friend messed up on booking and we latched onto a friend of a friend to get rooms he reserved) but I don't think people should be doing that. It's just selfish when you get down it.
  2. Dat 2016 Room Block

    It does feel like things are a bit sloppy for the current booking; the website crashed, the only way to tell that the room block was open was via social media (which not everyone checks obsessively) and even then notifications didn't go out, and then there was the busy signal for the hotel booking by phone. I personally got lucky and managed to get my ideal setup, but considering how many people DIDN'T (and how some people couldn't due to other obligations), it shows some things need to change and improve. It should not be this difficult to get rooms. Con issues should not start over half a year before the con even opens. If the staff is having issues beyond their control I can understand as a lot of cons never seem to have enough people working on them and it is a thankless task before them.
  3. Guilty Gear Xrd

    Special edition for the game announced: http://gematsu.com/2014/09/guilty-gear-xrd-sign-limited-edition-announced No release date yet, but in Japan it's out December 4. Also, a new character has been revealed: http://gematsu.com/2014/09/guilty-gear-xrd-sign-elphelt-detailed
  4. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    Okay that's....weird. Not sure why they wouldn't want to have more rooms considering how busy ACen gets.
  5. Something...Wicked?...this way comes.

    So, the room block is filled up for the Hyatt? Criminy, wish they sent an e-mail. Oh well, I can wait and see if anyone drops a room or two. At the very least there are other hotels.
  6. Guilty Gear Xrd

    Sin now confirmed for the console release: http://gematsu.com/2014/07/first-look-sin-guilty-gear-xrd-sign Apparently he's got a unique mechanic where his moves deplete a special meter that he has to refill.
  7. Yoshitaka Amano

    That's just the tip of the iceberg; he was designing characters for Tatsunoko Productions when he was FIFTEEN. This is a guy who's worked on Speed Racer, Gatchaman, Tekkaman, Yatterman, and a TON of other classic anime series.
  8. Guilty Gear Xrd

    The Doctor and the Dandy return: http://ggxrd.com/character/faust/ http://ggxrd.com/character/slayer/
  9. Guilty Gear Xrd

    new trailer revealing the return of Axl Low and I-No:
  10. [Nintendo] Wii Deluxe price drop and the 2DS handheld.

    2DS: Ultimately, it's harmless. Furthermore, they're aiming it at kids. It's why there isn't a hinge and it has no 3D functionality. They'll still be making money off the thing, especially with Monster Hunter 4 releasing in Japan shortly and Pokemon X and Y out in October (the same day the 2DS comes out) which are guaranteed to sell like mad. Price Drop: About on cue. The Wind Waker HD bundle should be a good deal for people who want it. Heck, it even has a digital copy of the Hyrule Historia in it.
  11. E3: 2013 Edition

    I meant backlash towards MS; without that required DRM they've basically lost one of their biggest selling points towards 3rd parties so there might be a lack of exclusive headed their way. And 3rd parties will NEVER give up on DRM, not as long as they keep making games whose budgets are more expensive than they should be.
  12. E3: 2013 Edition

    I'm just wondering how publishers and developers are going to react to this. Let's face it, the DRM shenanigans were more than likely done to try to pander to publishers who complain about used games CONSTANTLY and now with MS backtracking on that we could see some backlash from publishers
  13. E3: 2013 Edition

    That and their DRM stance has gotten a LITTLE muddier http://www.gamefront.com/sony-third-party-drm-refers-to-playing-used-games-online-only/ It seems that while the system itself will have no restriction regarding secondhand titles...they're still allowing publishers to make their own restrictions if need be. So basically the same online pass we've had for the past few years.
  14. E3: 2013 Edition

    The problem with Sony's presser is this: it was more dependent on MS screwing up than it was Sony being good. Take away the MS bashing and all they really had was FFXV and KH3 (which have also been revealed to be coming to the XBone) which adds up to a mediocre conference.
  15. E3: 2013 Edition

    Sakurai going into detail about the new SSB (including ANOTHER new character):