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  1. Finding a Wig!

    Thank you very much I actually really like those but I did buy a wig already! Thanks tho! Yes! I agree with you, I think a really vibrant one just wouldnt flatter me very much!Thank you!
  2. What color wig?

    Hi! I am trying to figure out a wig to use for Bisca and to be completely honest her hair drives me crazy. In some pictures it's very vibrant and bright but in others its a more faded mint green. I already bought a wig and I like it but I am not sure if the color is correct. http://cosplayanimewigs.com/heregrstcowi.html That is the wig I bought and the closest I can find color wise. I will style it obviously but I was just wondering if the color is ok! :D
  3. Finding a Wig!

    Hi I dont really know where to post this but I am struggling with picking out a wig. I am cosplaying Bisca from Fairy Tail! I just can't really find the perfect color for it. I have looked at other people's cosplays of her but I can't really decided what he hair color even is haha. It looks mint sometimes and other times it looks way more vibrant. So I was just looking for someone's advice on which color I should look for? Any help would be appreciated ! Thank you!
  4. Who Should I cosplay!?

    Ohhh. Ooops I didnt mean six years, sorry I didnt mean to say that. Haha, it would be rather impossible to weigh the same for six years. After all I am in 8th grade now and I have done nothing but get taller. And that's coool!:)
  5. Absurd fears?

    I am terrified of contacts..not people wearing them.. but putting them in or taking them out.. I leave the room whenever my sister changes her contacts.. I cant stand it. <_<
  6. Who Should I cosplay!?

    Mmmmkay! I have decided that ACen is not that far away and I need to at least start to choose who I would like to cosplay. But with my bright ideas I cant think of one person alonee. I have some I would like to do, but no overall preference. I also am looking for other people I could do so please feel free to give me any ideas. I am willing to get a wig- but not dye my hair or get contacts (I am phobic of contacts) I am- Blonde ? Idk if that does anything Green Eyes Fairly Pale 5'7 And I have long legs and.. kinda very skinny. Im not gonna lie... I couldnt gain weught if I tried. Here are MY ideas so far... (Not a very good list) Namine- Kingdom Hearts Soul Eater- Maka Vampire Knight- Rima Death Note- Misa &That'd be it. But here is a list of the Animes I am very familar with and would be willing to cosplay. Inuyasha, Azumanga Daioh, Chrono Crusade, DN Angel, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemistand Panic., Code Geass, Ouran HS HC. And thats all I can think of off the top of my head. PLEASE HELP :D Thanks... Chrystina♥