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  1. Acen 2012 Cosplays!

    I'm pumped to get my rock on as Yocchan again, a friend off FB might cosplay Ayu. :)
  2. What was your first cosplay?

    My first time cosplaying was at GenCon Indy 2010, I cosplayed Ayu's guitarist Yocchan (I still and always do plan on being him at any con! :D) I've had my outfits done by other people, and it wasn't a fail, but quite a success actually. I did fake guitar playing (chords and solo's), poses, and facial expressions very well! the most frustrating thing about it and everytime i cosplay him is not being recognized, people saw the Ayu logo on my prop guitar and would say cool an Ayumi Hamasaki fan, but who are you supposed to be, I'd tell them her live guitarist Yocchan, only a couple knew who he was. all and all though, I have alot of fun cosplaying him, he is my guitar hero after all! I'm on my way to my third Yocchan outfit soon!!! XD
  3. Anyone Else Overspending On Cosplays?

    I guess I do too, my new Yocchan outfit is being commissioned (cause I have no sewing skills) by V3 Cosplay Syndicate, Its costing like $625 total. thats just the main fabric pieces, not accessories!! XD
  4. anyone else J-rock'n ? :)

    Are you guys interested in a meetup, I cosplay Ayumi Hamasaki's concert guitarist Yocchan (AKA Yoshio Nomura)
  5. Hello, I'm looking for other cosplayers to meetup with in the jrock/pop categorie. I know I wont be the only one j-rock cosplaying, whos interested!
  6. anyone cosplaying Ayu?

    Are there any girls cosplaying Ayumi Hamasaki in 2012, I saw 2 in 2011. I cosplay her guitarist.
  7. anyone else J-rock'n ? :)

    I'm J-rock cosplayin, anyone else? J-pop?
  8. Hello fellow cosplayers, I am the guy who cosplays Yocchan, Ayumi Hamasaki's Concert guitarist. I saw 2 Ayumi's at ACen this year and only got some photos with 1, I am looking for a girl to go as Ayumi at ACen 2012. here's a vid of my outfits.
  9. Hello, I know this is last moment, I have run into a frustrating situation. I originaly had a plan for keeping my things somewhere, I know it most likely will not work out, I have 2 cosplays with numourus accesories. Does anyone have any roommate spots open, I mainly just need a place to store things but might want to stay the night too. I know most likely the hotel fees have been paid already, but I would gladly re embers a portion of the hotel fee!! Please, I need replys. I'd sleep on the floor if need be too!
  10. guitar prop?

    thanks, :)
  11. guitar prop?

    is it ok to have a real guitar? I used one at GenCon Indy, but i know this is a different convention center. The guitar is part of my J-rock Cosplay.
  12. Are there lockers?

    Are there any lockers on site at the convention center?
  13. 2011 Masquerade: Info here (more over time!)

    As far as audio or music for your skit, what is required? a CD, or will an MP3 player do?
  14. enter skit's?

    Hello are there skit contest's for cosplay at ACen where you get up on a stage and do a skit by yourself or with other cosplayers? If so, how do you sign up, is it too late, where and can you have 2 seperate segments? I'm a guitarist cosplayer who sometimes gets a spot solo before the singers song, then my singer will come out for her segment, so I'd have a short 2 min segment, and she'd have a 4 minute segment. is that possible? Also do they have just for fun skits too? :)
  15. Musician Cosplay Group 2011

    I'll be ayumi hamasaki's guitarist yocchan, I'd like to meet up in a group or photo, sounds awesome. :)