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  1. Rooms for 2016

    Good evening everyone. As some of you might have noticed in the past few days, room blocks have not opened as of yet. In the past few years, the first week of September would have seen the opening of 2-3 hotel blocks. Before rumors start flying around I just want to say a couple things. No! ACen room blocks were NOT sold to another group. No! ACen did NOT cancel the room blocks. With that said. Please give us all a few more weeks to get a couple different things squared away and polished nicely. Michael Falco Venue Relations Chair
  2. Just popping in to let everyone know that the Hyatt room block will be open for reservations very soon. As in, 12:01 AM on 01-September-2014. Just follow this link to be transported to the hotel information page. *que cheesy transporter sounds* Sorry for the short notice, but we have all been very busy getting things ready for 2015.
  3. For all those wishing to get a jump start on ACen 2014, here is your chance. The Hyatt room block is now available. Please visit the ACen Hotel Information page to get all the details that are available. See you all next May. It's sure to be a great show.
  4. Disability (ADA) access to areas.

    As the Hotel & Convention Site Relations Officer for Anime Central, the policy question you posed has been escalated through the entire chain of command regarding policies that affect both the convention center and all of the hotels. You say that it is dangerous to have to walk along the side walk, or through the enclosed walkways above the roads. But some danger would still be present when you are trying to walk against the flow of traffic that will be exiting those doors. The safest route, while long, is the enclosed walkways from the hotel to the convention center. At our upcoming mangers meeting, this Saturday, I will be discussing your concern with all of the departments that would be affected by this policy. I make no promise that the policy will change.
  5. Disability (ADA) access to areas.

    At this time, there is no plan to allow attendee/staff entrance through these doors. The only current exception is for emergency services personnel, both private and public. Due to the flow of foot traffic through those doors, and the congestion block up in that hallway, the doors were switched to, exit only. If any change to this policy is made, it will be made public. We appologize for any inconvenience they may cause during our event.
  6. Dog at con

    Our policy is that we do not allow animals in our function spaces, unless the animals in question are service animals.
  7. Reserving an open/free room for 2015

    Due to the size of the event. The Hyatt, Embassy, and DoubleTree do not typically have rooms outside the ACen block. If you're trying to make sure that you have a room for 2015, the ACen Hyatt room block is currently planned to be open within a week of closing ceremonies for ACen 2014. More information will be made available in the next few months. Get well and we hope to see you next year.
  8. I apologize for my delayed response here, but for some reason I do not always get updates on topics. The ICO was unable to provide us with a room block this year. They are currently hosting 3 private events that same weekend. A discussion for a 2015 room block is on the table.
  9. Inform ACen of what? That the entirety of hotel's available rooms are part of a block? Yes. ACen is aware of this when the contracts are approved and the rates are set. The number of rooms available and/or other active contracts are reasons why some hotels allow for all their available rooms to be blocked, but other hotels don't. Which website are you referring to that is posted via real time? In regards to booking a room, at any of the hotels, outside of the ACen room block. It's up to the hotel if they are going to make those rooms available, if any are available, to the public. If a hotel keeps any rooms from being included within the room blocks that are contracted, they are typically for emergency or other contractual purposes. (ie... Flight crews that get laid over or issues with a room that is currently being use and a slue of other reasons.) Not a contradiction. Clearly stated that "Points can't be used on block rooms, but if you manage to book outside the blocks they can be used" and the Embassy stated "Anime central during the dates of May 15-18 has the whole hotel under its room block and there's no way we can provide you an open room to use your points because the whole hotel is under Anime central's room block and cut off from having an open room during those dates." Are you referring to using points at DoubleTree or Hyatt for rooms within the ACen blocks?
  10. Hyatt room blocks for 2014 already open?

    Hello everyone. The Hyatt room block is open, and I have updated the hotel information section at ACen.org.
  11. Hotel Room Blocks 2013

    Good evening everyone. I apologize that I have not answered this sooner. But here is the status of our current room blocks. Hyatt and Hilton - Sold out. Embassy and DoubleTree - Sold out ComfortInn - I recived confirmation earlier this week that there are still rooms available. Crown Plaza - Rooms are still availble at the ACen block rate as of 8:45pm 27-March-2013 Aloft - Solid confirmation will be made tomorrow morning, 28-March-2013, but it does appear that the hotel is sold out. Intercontinental - Room block is sold out.
  12. Hotel Room Blocks 2013

    Hello everyone out there in the ether that is the ACen forums. Below is a break down of the hotels in the area that we currently have blocked. Hyatt and Hilton - Sold out, save maybe a room or two on 1 maybe 2 nights. but nothing that would allow you to book a solid 3 nights or even 2 nights in a row. Embassy and DoubleTree - Sold out ComfortInn - Rooms are still available Crown Plaza and Aloft - Recently open and still has room available Intercontinental - Coming soon
  13. Hotel Room Blocks 2013

    In regards to the Hyatt room block for Thursday Evening. I have spoken with the Sales Manager for ACen, and she is currently looking in to getting us more rooms for Thursday evening. In the past we have not typically needed that many room nights for Thursday. After some research with all the hotels, I have discovered that Thursday nights have begun to increase in demand. Once the extra Thursday room nights are available, I will be sure to make an announcement. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done, or argued, if the hotels decide to enforce the maximum number of sleeping occupants per room. I have spoke with all of the hotels that ACen has room blocks with, in regards to what has happened at other Con's, and they have assured me that they will not be limiting access to guest rooms for events such as room parties, or if you and a few friends just want to go and chill for a bit.
  14. Smoking Outside the Hyatt

    Hey everyone. Just thought I would jump in here. This is an issue that I will be addressing with the Hyatt O'Hare. I understand the concern, and I promise that this will be addressed. However, I make no promise that it will change. Most importantly, I ask that every staff remember refrain from contacting the hotel for any issue, in any capacity. Even though you tell then that you are not contacting them as a staff member, only as a guest. You are still a staff member and they know this. Please allow me to perform my duties as the HCSR. As I stated at the feedback session, " I will contact the Hyatt about this idea." you need to give me time to work and not contact them directly. Doing so, depicts ACen and a unorganized group that has no chain of command. Thank you
  15. The room block officially opens for the Embassy, Doubletree, and Hilton on 11-1-2011 at 8AM. If you book before then, you may not get the show rates- Embassy Suites: King Room Nonsmoking: Single/Double: $164 Triple: $174 Quad: $184 2DB Basic Nonsmoking: Single/Double: $185 Triple: $195 Quad: $205 Parking: $16/night Room rates are quoted exclusive of local taxes and fees, currently 12.564%. Quoted rates will be offered, based on availability, two days before and two days after the above dates. A deposit equal to one night’s stay is required to hold each individual’s reservation. Such deposit shall serve to confirm the reservation for the date (s) indicated, and, upon check-in, shall be applied to the first night of the reserved stay. This deposit is refundable if notice is received at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to arrival and a cancellation number is obtained. All deposits shall be charged at the time the reservation is made. Check-in time is 3:00 PM; check-out time is 12:00 PM (Noon).
  16. Hotels Status

    Hilton - Kings and Doubles still available Aloft - Newest Posting- Kings and Doubles still available Comfort Inn - Kings and Doubles still available (This hotel offers free shuttle service to the convention center and is ~2mi away) Doubletree - Less than 20 King rooms available Hyatt - Less than 30 King rooms available. Embassy Suites - Full
  17. New elevator policy for this year!

    The HCSR team is having several signs made that will me posted at the elevators. They will be large enough for all to see. This information will appear in the program book as well. I would also like to say, I am very happy that people have been so receptive to this change. To be honest, I figures the forums would have blown-up with disapproval. So, thank you all very much.
  18. New elevator policy for this year!

    Smokey, if this happens again, please call me as well. I will head straight to the Hyatt, if not already at the Hyatt, and address this type of situation personally.
  19. Hotels Status

    The Crowne Plaza is basically across the street from the ConCenter, and the InterContinental is 0.5 miles south of the ConCenter. 44 Days left...
  20. [quote name=freakishdarling' timestamp='13312 57355' post='1058388] I recently started a new job were Fridays are the busiest days, so even if I request off the whole weekend for the con it's not solid I'll get Friday off with it. I booked a room at the Embassy under my name and credit card, and I know that an ID is required at check in and my credit card also does say require ID on the back of it. I know I can also have the reservation put in someone else's name as well, does anyone have any experience doing this? Or had this same issue and they just let someone else check in for them? I recommend that you contact the Embassy directly regarding this questions.
  21. Hotels Status

    Use this link to book a room at the Intercontinental. They still have double-bed rooms available at this time. Just make sure you select no preferences for the room options. Anime Central 2012
  22. Embassy

    The room blocks at the Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza are open. The other hotels in the area surrounding the ConCenter are pretty much booked solid.
  23. Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare

    The room block for the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare is now available. Run of the House $175.00 Regular Two Queens $175.00 King Regular $175.00 Please use this link to book a room. Anime Central 2012 If you have problems with the link, use the group code NIM. 9 1/2 WEEKS TO GO
  24. Unfortunately, the entirety of the AMV department leftshortly after ACen last year. To be honest, until Josh approached the ConChairat our last planning session, we were talking about liquidating AMV alltogether. Josh has saved this department from extinction, and we have faiththat he will do AMV justice in the years to come. Please bear with Josh thisyear as he takes the bull by the horns.
  25. Hotels Status

    Yep, hotel rooms are filling up quick. I am currently working on more room blocks at other hotels. As these room blocks are created, and confirmed, I will make updates to our website. See you in 12 weeks.