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  1. The ACen Countdown...

    I am ready Come to me
  2. "Stupid question, stupid answer" game

    SPLAT what is the square root of bob saget?
  3. pre-acen stress?

    Im set XD sorry for your guyses stress though itl work out
  4. We should probably cancel ACen...

    many christian theorys were proven wrong. this is utter bullcrap

    DO YA KNOW WHAT REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS? scene kid mallrats who dont even like anime going to a con. I know too screwing many of them and they said they are just going for the raves. HELLO it is an anime convention for many nerds and anime fans. it isnt your homg go to the freaking mall in your little overrated hot topic. and leave the anime conventions alone cause obviously you dont belong there. but if you wnat to waste your money on something you wont enjoy thanks for giving the con money for the day. THIS ISNT YOUR STUPID HANGOUT SPOT. and another thing. Dont steal eachothers badges cause thats dumb and the irt or whatevthescrews will kick you out. also dont mooch rooms, or cosplayers rooms. Just cause your cheap and wont spend money for a room dosnt mean you should make a friend and mooch off them and dont be friends with them after that. finally JUST DONT screwING GO.
  6. Buying a Badge at Con

    THIS HELPS ALOT yay i am sixteen NO PARENT PERMISS FOR ME even though mom and dad is allowing me to go XD
  7. ID for getting badge

    Will a school id count? mine has the correct date (2010-2011) the year of school i am in my photo and my full name om it will it count as a photo id?
  8. Rude anime fans

    OGOSH when people bi7ch about not having alot of cospplays. THE THRIFT STORE IS YOUR FRIEND
  9. Well Life Threw Me Lemons...

    Get well soon (i dont know you) but well wishes theres always next year :) stay optimistic
  10. The ACen Countdown...

    Abit ready needs to pack
  11. I like my women/men like I like my...

    Square and Bulky i like my men like i like my converse (chuck taylors)
  12. Cosplaying off a black and white image

    I wait and see what colors when a manga cover of that character is out (cause it is colored) but thats justme cause im a perfectionest at times
  13. Hello Hello

    Oh my goddess theres another heather XD Welcome to the Forums SHALL WE BE HEATHERSISTERS??
  14. Youtube

    Youtube.com/ueser/alliedheather <<<personal and cospay groups in sig
  15. anna freaks

    Have you read it? its amazing