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  1. I was wondering if anyone else hasn't received their badge in the mail yet? I looked at my confirmation email and everything looks good-it was processed, charged, and I made sure I got my correct address for the shipping address too. I also emailed registration a week ago but no response yet... What should I do if I don't get my badge before the con? Where should I go when I arrive at the convention without a badge? Anything helps! Just kinda concerned since all my friends received theirs already and I haven't gotten mine yet and we all purchased them in February . Thank you!
  2. Korean/Japanese Dramas

    Has anyone seen them being sold at ACen before? :o
  3. Miyavi!

    Miyavi is coming to Chicago again!!! ^_^ Time:Friday, October 28 · 6:00pm - 9:30pm Location:House of Blues Chicago 329 N Dearborn St Chicago, Illinois Cost: $39.05 Just throwing it out there for all Miyavi fans! <3
  4. (I think I posted this in the wrong area O_O;; (sorry! Dx)) Dir En Grey is doing another American tour! -yay- They're coming to Chicago's House of Blues, December 18th, a Sunday from 6PM-9PM. And as the Facebook event says, The Birthday Massacre will be their supporting act! ^_^ Pre-Sale tickets: 7/18 3PM EST - 7/21 Public On Sale tickets: 7/22 12PM CST Pre-Sale/VIP Ticketing Link: http://tixx1.artistarena.c​ om/direngrey/ (<--- $135! D: Pretty decent I say lol) Just throwing it out their for everyone who loves Dir En Grey! ^_^ It's also a good thing to do a gathering and stuff? xD
  5. [C] Control - The Money of Soul and Possibility

    I LOVE THAT SHOW! I started watching it right when FUNimation started subbing it on YouTube! ^_^ I love the story plot and the battles! It kind of reminds me of Darker Than Black (just a bit a bit due to the battles) and like Durarara. I can see this show gaining some fans :-)
  6. Best Hotel?

    I stayed at the Intercontinental this year. It was great! The people in the front lobby are super nice! They actually have fun with the cosplayers and like to know what you are dressed up and such. They asked my one friend who wasn't cosplaying, where her cosplay was. ^_^ hahahaha They also greet you when they see you, so I think that's awesome because not all hotel people are nice and make you feel welcomed. The rooms however, are freaking AMAZING! Big space, nice beds, and a great bathroom! It's great for people who have a lot of stuff and need space! ^_^ And I just had a double bed room, so imagine the king rooms?! LOL. As for distance, yeah, it is a 10 min or less (depends on how fast you walk) walk. I was completely fine with it. I didn't mind walking. I actually enjoyed taking in the view from the hotel to the con, anticipating the excitement and fun! :-) I'll probably be staying there again next year or I'll be trying out Embassy Suites. I heard Embassy has free breakfast? I'm I wrong?
  7. Stuff To Know! 2011

    What is "main programming" area? Is it an area? Is it that big room where the Aural vampire concert was held last year? :o
  8. H. Naoto @ ACen!

    SAME HERE!!! @_@ ugh!!!
  9. Flow Concert

    Where will the flow concert be held? Like. I looked at the Final Schedule and it says "main programming"...is there such an area called main programming? Or am I just really confused??!! @_@
  10. Plushie requests

    YES! I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS! I'D LOVE TO HAVE A CHOCOBO!!! And a moogle! :o I never saw any moogles when I went... ;_;
  11. Anyone else have a tumblr?

    My Tumblr Page! :-D
  12. Ghosts of Acen 2011

    Poltergeist is always interesting :-) I would be interested in learning about ectoplasm? I recently saw it on a TV show trying to debunk it. And it was also in the movie The Haunting in Connecticut.
  13. How to deal with my shyness...

    Yeah. I understand the whole "vibe" of feeling like you annoy someone, or get them mad or upset at you, when in reality, you didn't do anything. I, lately, have made tough choices in my life, in which I had to make it clear to myself, that certain people aren't my real or close friends if I can't keep up a conversation with them because I get that "vibe"... ;_; It sucks >_< So, I guess what I'm trying to say, because I don't have any close friends, only a few "acquaintances", I'm SUPER shy & I'm like you: I never get the chance to say anything, and when I try to, they change the topic or something ლ(´ï¹`ლ) Mer... BUT! Don't get yourself down! You should never give up trying to talk to other people! And if you don't want to be alone Friday, why don't you try finding one of the people in your Anime Club and ask them personally if you can join their group? That kinda kills a bit of the awkward shyness that would occur if you asked the WHOLE group in one go! It gives you a bit of a space and a breather! ^_^ Just a suggestion >_> AND, if they say no to you joining their group, then I don't understand their Anime club at all ._. I mean, I would think a club would be a club to meet new people with common interests and everyone could get along and stuff... So I would see no exclusion... > w < Any-whooo, just try to gather up some courage and be more talkative! ^_^ That's what I'm going to do this year since I didn't really meet anyone last year, my very first year at ACen, and I was really hoping to meet people... ._.;; (it was my fault completely since I didn't talk at all! Dx )
  14. FLOW!

    Sweet! I LOVED, their songs in Code Geass and Eureka Seven! :-D First night at ACen with FLOW is going to be awesome!! > w < -dances with excitement-
  15. First wave of mail is out!

    Thank you for clarifying that! ^_^ Much appreciated!