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  1. Hey everyone!

    Hi Sara! Welcome back to ACen!
  2. You Know Your An Otaku When....game

    When you're packing up to move to a new place and realize over half of your stuff is anime or cosplay related.
  3. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes. Sometimes work has conferences at the Hyatt. Ever walked barefoot in the snow?
  4. True Or False

    True. Why do I stay in a state that provides massive snowfalls again? Oh right. It kills bugs. TNP has ADD.
  5. Last Letter Game!

    Kick-@$$ (lol)
  6. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes, Anime Milwaukee preparty on Saturday! Shirking duties/errands?
  7. Countdown From A Million!

    967614 Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize I blocked you? I'll have to look into that.
  8. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes, had a salad and some riceballs. Fun plans this evening?
  9. Countdown From A Million!

    967641 Yeah! And another meeting at ACen this year. We didn't see Cookie last year did we?
  10. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes, I wanted to see the status of the cosplay groups and meetups earlier this month. Glad it's finally back up, but I miss the signatures. :( Hungry?
  11. Countdown From A Million!

    Back to the good old countdown grind 967643
  12. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes, I've been running around work all day. At least I have a lunch break now! Can't wait until the week's over?
  13. What Are You Currently Playing?

    VRChat hell and Fallout 4 VR which has been glitching out like crazy!
  14. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes, but the new layout is taking some getting used to. Bamboozled again! Do you know de wae?
  15. True Or False

    True, I'd rather be napping right now than at work. TNP is also stuck at work.