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  1. True Or False

    TRUE TRUE TRUE!!! So much still to do oh gawd I hope I don't forget anything I probably will------ TNP will be leaving for ACen tomorrow
  2. True Or False

    False. No kids yet! TNP is beginning to pack for ACen.
  3. hey frens!

    *waves* Welcome back to the forums!! I'll probably see you at the Persona shoot, so we should get a pic! :D
  4. True Or False

    True, it's storming outside and I'd rather be back in bed than at work. TNP is getting the pre-con jitters.
  5. True Or False

    Trueeee, with winds that opened all my garbage cans so they could flood. OTL TNP is still experiencing lots of rain/storms
  6. What are you listening to?

    Aww I love Miume!! <3 Haven't seen that dance before. Trying to stay sane at work currently with
  7. Anyone need a room for the weekend?(2018)

    This post may do better in The Meeting Room > Roommate Zone section of the forum.
  8. Doki Doki Literature Club 2018

    Update: The Guidebook is now out for this year and I noticed there is a DDLC photoshoot Friday at 4:15pm at the convention center to the right of the inside fountain. Hope to see you guys there!
  9. Any Danganronpa cosplayers coming?

    Hello! This question may be better seen/received in the Cosplay Events > Gatherings section of the forum. For reference though, there is a Danganronpa photoshoot happening on Friday at 5:15 and again on Saturday at noon, both in the Exhibit hall next to the guest signing area.
  10. Last Letter Game!

    Night of the Living Dead
  11. True Or False

    True true true. Though the panic is mixed with hype. *sweats* TNP prefers tea over coffee
  12. The Yes Or No Game!

    Yes, drank two cups of coffee and I still want to nap... Case of the mondays?
  13. What are you listening to?

    Keeping me sane at work currently.
  14. True Or False

    True, it's not my fault Joanns was having a sale yesterday... >____>;;;; TNP has pay day tomorrow
  15. The Yes Or No Game!

    Nope, always with the last minute crunches. Snowing still by you?