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  1. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    *sigh* I can't either, I'm going away for school. So, someone else can take this on if they want to. I apologize, going away was of short notice for me.
  2. Umineko/Higurashi 2013

    I'm going to try and complete Mion Sonozaki. C:
  3. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    I'm no good at setting up these things xD I'm not quite sure how to organize it.
  4. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    Alright~ I shall. --- And thanks other people! xD
  5. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    Just us (The people currently responding) Sorry for getting back to you so late. I want to probably start this after the convention. I've still got some work on my costume to do and some planning.
  6. Japanese Band: LM.C

    Holy. Crap. I found this out on my way to school and I had to wake up my deeply sleeping friend to tell her. I needed to let out my excitement!! She was like wtf alright that's cool and went back to sleep. xD my school day will be good now.
  7. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    Cool~ I'll add you in the list. I'm not sure where everyone else disappeared off to. I may have to PM them.
  8. Blue Exorcist 2012?

    Awesome! I really hope you can come with him too! ~
  9. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    I wanted to try the daughter of green once. OR the Alice Human Sacrifice ver. I was thinking maybe Cantarella..I have the fabric and everything...
  10. Anyone here from the Chicago NW burbs?

    Gurnee~ Y U NO LIVE CLOSER!
  11. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    I don't know...hmmm. We still need the others to say something.
  12. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    Same here~ Well Maybe 3 years xD but, I could help you out with the dancing. Maybe we could come up with the choreography together? Uhh, not 60%! xD I would think...well, you can be our advisor until we would actually start making money with some small jobs. I was thinking performing at random public places that need/require entertainment for an event of some sort.
  13. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    Hahaha xD Depends on what you mean by that? Elaborate~
  14. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    We can figure out something for everyone. Even a wacky back up dancers xD By the way guys, we need singers too! And it doesn't need to be pop all of the time. Mixes are good. Like boA!
  15. K-pop/J-pop; Singing/Dance Group

    Probably do original content. I think if we did original content, it would be more popular with no "one-upping" other groups. ~ ?