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  1. Vocaloid 2011

    World is Mine would be cool...after all, there will probably be a lot of normal Mikus (I saw at least 5 this year I swear) and that way you could have a more unique cosplay ^^ Though normal Miku is still cool no matter how many people may be cosplaying her ;)
  2. Newbie here

    Well, I finally got around to posting a topic in this forum, figuring I should since I am a newbie and such. ACen 2010 was my first year at ACen. I only went on Saturday, but I had a great time and I'm definately looking forward to going all three days next year! I'm just getting into cosplay, so I'm not that good at (not even going to mention who I was on Saturday since it was such a fail) but I'm working to get better for 2011! :) That's really all I have to say at the time, haha, look forward to chatting on other forums!
  3. Vocaloid 2011

    I have a mind to cosplay some version of Miku as well for 2011, but since I have other cosplays to work on I was thinking about one of her easier outfits. Number one on that list right now I'd like to do is the version of her in the Rolling Girl PV by akikane, if anyone's seen that.
  4. Kingdom Hearts 2011?

    Some friends of mine from out of state might be coming down next year, and if they do then we'll be going as various members of the Organization ;)