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  1. Bonjour.

    I'm only going into French 2 so you probably know more than me. :) And YAY NOOBS!
  2. Bonjour.

    English. ^_^
  3. Bonjour.

    Hablo tu espanol? Yo hablo español también pero no es mi idioma favorito. O usted que es gracioso fueron? Lol. xP I love to speak other languages. Miyazaki movies...ARE THE BEST. :] That's what I thought but I didn't know the cultural aspect of it. Haha. So you can see why I was confused. Yeah, pre mades are just not the way to go I guess. :P
  4. Bonjour.

    'mon petit chou-feur'? Quoi? Je pense que je sais ce que cela signifie mais je ne suis pas sûr. Qu'est-ce que cela signifie? And yeah I want to make my own so that it's awesome and I can be proud wearing it. Plus, pre made ones are made out of cheap, usually stiff material. Lame. xP
  5. Bonjour.

    Hey. I'm Claire. I'm from Mad Town, WI. 2011 will be my first time at ACen or any convention. That being said, I have never cosplayed before and am SUPER excited to make my own costume. I was thinking of doing Temari from Narutos first outfit but I'm not sure. J'adore francais mais mon vocabulaire est petit. De me parler en français si vous voulez mais je ne veux pas comprendre parfois. xP Erhmm...I love Miyazaki movies. And pretty much any of the other Studio Ghibli films too. They's mah faves. Dunno what else to say. You can add me on my myyearbook if you would like to chat more than just saying hi. :) Yerp. That's it. Kaybye. :)