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  1. Sword Length

    If you can break it down into pieces that are the height of you or less is alright I think. I carried a 7 foot key prop for two years and I'm 5 foot 8.
  2. Everyone ready?

    Not ready at all!!! But still so excited c:

    Would be willing to go down to 60 each.

    All booked up
  5. Labyrinth cosplay!? Anybody?!

    I won't be...but I support it 200%!
  6. Boot Advice

    Yeah, I agree with checking around thrift stores, sometimes you find things you'd never be able to find anywhere else. If not, all I could suggest is spending hours browsing the internet. I usually have good luck on either Amazon or EBay. Good luck! ^…^
  7. Armor

    I'd say you could try InstaMorph. I myself have never used it, but I've heard great things about it and might be trying it this year!
  8. Final fantasy 2013

    Shiva from FFX, am I allowed in? :P
  9. Looking for photographer?

    I'm not sure if this is in the right spot, so I'm very sorry if it isn't. I know it's really early as well, but yeah. I'm looking for a photographer that can photograph three costumes for me throughout the course of the weekend. I'm bringing three cosplays this year, not my biggest but bigger ones, and I would like all to be photographed if possible. One I would like to be shot at night, preferably Thursday night. Another on Friday morning (before 11am or 12pm or so), and the third about the same time on Saturday, or later in the day Friday. And of course, I will pay for all your services. ^.^ so if anyone would be interested or willing, perhaps reply on here or send me an email, my address is kmvqkladder@gmail.com It would be much appreciated! Thank you xoxo -Kayla Kladder (OpenlyDiseased)
  10. So, I ordered my costume for Seras Victoria a while ago, and it still hasn't come and I'm not sure what to do. If it's not here by tomorrow morning I'm kind of out of luck... SO. Is anyone by chance selling a red Seras Victoria skirt and jacket? Small/XS if possible!
  11. Help deciding on a cosplay this year!

    Thank you all, I agree that walking as Shiva would be very difficult, lol. I'm thinking I will do Seras this year, and maybe attempt Shiva the year after...hopefully xD
  12. Okay, so last year, I was A.B.A. from Guilty Gear. picture - My link My link My link [images from Flickr photosets, so I can't display image, please click links] And for 2011, I need help deciding between Summon Shiva Nix from FFX 17 - And Blood Seras Victoria from Hellsing - I think Summon Shiva Nix is my first choice, but I'm still not too sure. Which would be more fun to see? Which do you think I could pull off more? Help please :c thankyou.
  13. Guilty Gear - A.B.A with giant Para

    That one's really good o: thank you. [:
  14. Guilty Gear - A.B.A with giant Para

    Thank you [:
  15. Hey all, I was the A.B.A from Guilty Gear with the giant eight foot key (Para), cosplayed on Friday and Saturday. I was wondering if anyone had pictures of me, because I had no time to get any myself. Or any from the Guilty Gear / BlazBlue shoot, or of me, Faust and Venom. If you do, thanks so much :D