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  1. Sailor Moon to return to USA

    Thought some non believers would like this new update: http://www.gamingrss.com/2012/07/07/sailor-moon-returns-in-2013/ Yep I still stand by this. I did not appreciate the insults of the non believers. This is one of several sites discussing the possibility of a new release.
  2. Photo Request Thread 2012

    My group I was with did not take photos and my camera was dead but I was the travelocity gnome on friday and Sailor Saturn with the duct tape glaive Saturday if anyone happens to have gotten a photo. Thanks
  3. Sailor Moon to return to USA

    After 6 year Absence Thats Right you heard me, all non believers who told me there was gonna be no more Sailor Moon in the states. Here is the proof of the return. Not only do we get Sailor Moon but they are giving us Code Name Sailor V...
  4. Kollisioncon 2010!

    Hey it was random and funny but I will have a decent actual anime costume to enter into acens masquerade this year
  5. Kollisioncon 2010!

    I was the gnome...heh
  6. Kollisioncon 2010!

    Have to work at Streamwood High on Friday but not until after noon so I will try to be there prior and also on saturday and no one will even guess my costume lol.
  7. Warcraft Realm

    except there actually are those of us that play maybe at most twice a week or once every 2 weeks. I have toons I have not touched in over a year.
  8. Warcraft Realm

    Just a curious question who is where and all. I have alliance toons on Executus (US) PVP, and both horde and alliance on Thrall(US) RP, and Moonrunner US RP, as well as Greymane and dawnbringer (US) RP. I did have 2 toons on an oceanic server but they were deleted so I could have tournament toons. Do you PVP or the other, and do you like Oceanic, Latin, or are US. Also what is the realm name, just curious if anyone has toons on realms in common with others.
  9. too bad some of us who went to the concert had cell phones on us so old we can not follow twitter. But I will email my ticket if I still have a shot.
  10. *Quiet wave from 2 states away*

    welcome aboard the forums
  11. So how about that concert eh?

    It was awesome, I stood in the back on top of the 3 steps since I am short it was a perfect spot. Everyone else was below me which was good as most were tall and thus only the person standing next to me waving her arm in my face was the only bad part as she had no regard to personal space. But anyways my spot in the steps was open to the clear view of Yoshiki's drum set directly straight ahead of me. I also found out after the concert that my old japanese music theory tutor from my university years was there and in the front row, he even got interviewed afterwords. It was an awesome concert, though I almost went deaf that is to be expected at these shoes, the music was better than the albums and Yoshiki had quite the throwing arm sending a water bottle flying until it almost hit the sound booth I was 2 feet from. The bottle was caught by someone on my left who was a couple feet in front of the booth. I almost wish the concert could have been longer as they do have more music as part of their arsenal but they were still awesome.
  12. What ever happened to.....?

    Bubble tape is still found in almost every store
  13. Hollywood Adaption 2011

    You just have to dig for it like I did
  14. Hollywood Adaption 2011

    If you want to see something that is proven Fake click here Here is something to consider though before DBZ was said to be in production everyone thought it was gonna be fake because nothing was leaked until after production started. Same thing with Transformers. Production is said to be 2011 which has not occurred yet thus no script, no pictures, nothing will exist. This is all speculation until production. Thus we will have nothing. There was nothing for Pirates of the Carribean in the beginning or even Secretariat which is due out this week, nothing at all until production took place. I do know of several other films which are beyond speculation, there were some filmed in Elgin and New Jersey in the last 3 years that Ive seen the script as I was a friend of the director. His film is still speculation though because due to budget constraints talks ceased and though its almost complete on that end talk will not continue until a budget can be reestablished. The film I am talking about has a cast consisting of several famous horror film genre people from Halloween. But besides that story, this one is another that is speculation at the moment, remember don't judge a book by its cover, I think that this is something that many of us should actually look at and evaluate before coming to conclusions. I even found a IMDB link on it, which as soon as I figure out where I saved it I will post.
  15. Hollywood Adaption 2011

    I feel the same too problem is if you research it there are people at every fan sight who are talking about this and I found a link on the anime news network as well. Reason I can't think to leave it be though is because we are having a rise of anime turn live action films being released in the states as of late. Think Transformers, DragonBall Z and AstroBoy. There are also several others. Just because there are big name actors on this starting list does not mean they will all be there as changes can be made. Also not all of them have been seen in many films lately and this would be a random reason for them to do one. There is way to much to this.