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  1. Keeping your dyed hair color for longer!

    Another method is to almost entirely cut out shampoo by using conditioner daily, assuming you don't have naturally greasy hair. Just gradually cut shampoo - or go a fast route by only shampooing once a week or so - and eventually you'll get to a point where you don't have to shampoo more than every week and a half ish. Use a light conditioner, not a heavy one. The conditioner actually takes most of the gross stuff with it when you rinse, but preserves colour. It takes a few weeks for your hair to get used to it, so start it when you've nowhere to be for a little while. After the first week, your hair will stop being crazy greasy, and it'll take back volume after two or three. This works better for short hair than long hair, since long hair might not rinse wholly. And yes, it actually works. It'll make your hair soft, too.
  2. When's a good time to toss a wig?

    I have a beautiful, high-quality wig from my first ACen. I ran in, tripped in, fell down stairs in, sat on, slept with, and generally abused the poor thing, then ripped through it with a regular brush and the thing's still fine. It's freaking indestructible. I wish I remembered where I got it, because this is the best wig ever. I guess what I'm trying to say is YES, YES, a million times YES! A nice wig will be wonderful for quite a while! I would say that you should toss a wig when you put it on and can no longer make it look acceptable to you. Not as styling goes, but as rattiness goes. Of course, you can always cut it apart and reuse portions for added hair, highlights, and lowlights in a new wig, if the hair itself is in good condition and it's simply the netting that's wrecked.
  3. Tips on hiding eyebrows for Gaara?

    Someone I knew used a glue stick and a pasty concealer covered in powder when she wanted special eyebrows for things like Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji. I'm sure it'd work out just peachy for none at all.
  4. Do you make your cosplay or buy it?

    I do both! Well, I've never bought a cosplay as a cosplay, but I've bought clothes for them! Sometimes that's just easier, especially with Death Note characters, who just wear recogniseable street clothes. My Misa Amane costume came entirely out of my school wardrobe. I was actually mildly concerned about the fact that I didn't have to buy anything for it. By contrast, I've made my MEIKO cosplay and my Bastion of Winalils cosplay is in progress. My best friend and I are fairly crafty. She much more so. She can make anything she puts her mind to except pants. I can make pants. My main thing that I do and she can't is sew. She can sew by hand, but I have a neater hand stitch and I can use a sewing machine. I'm actually thinking that I'm going to wind up commissioning my next cosplay from a seamstress I know. I think that would be cool to try out. Maybe I'll even like going that route more!
  5. A Weird Wish

    I'm in the midst of mine, so, luckily, the boobie swelling will be down by ACen, along with the water weight.
  6. Non-anime Cosplay?

    Webcomiiiiiiiiiiiiic! In hopes that someone will be able to look at me and know, at least, who I'm cosplaying (whether they approve of the character/my portrayal or not) go read Unsounded! It's awesome. /shamelessplug
  7. How do I detangle a long wig?!

    Cutting a wig is nothing! The cheapest pink wig I could find was 100 cm, and, even though I only need maybe 10 cm, I bought and cut it. It's lovely. I think. It went missing in my cosplay closet, so I'm not sure. Everyone has offered up sound advice already on de-tangling. Listen to them. They are smart cookies. I keep mine on a recently-shaven ex-beauty school mannequin head. I tried styling it on that, though, and realised how much smaller it is than my real head. If you can get a friend who is handy with scissors to help with any sort of cut-and-styling, I would recommend that.
  8. Anyone Else Overspending On Cosplays?

    Bastion of Winalils from Unsounded... Normally, I would use kind of second-rate materials as I don't compete with these things and I just try to have fun, but since I'm the first cosplayer publicly known of for the series and the author knows about this little adventure... I'm already over $150 in materials. I have a whole bunch of leather for the not-a-shirt, red satin-y stuff for trimming things, and six (SIX!) yards of some random cloth for making his cape, his pants, and his man-skirt. I need to get the patterned leather for my shoulder guards, material for the bandages, regular leather stuff to make a pair of boots, all sorts of trappings for those, modelling compounds and some plastic to make a sword, enough wire for a power plant, some buckles and stuff for his not-a-shirt, interfacing, pretty things for his jewellery, a bit of prosthetic latex to fix my nose and jawline up, some rawhide, make up, a pair of inserts because the shoes I'm turning into mens' riding boots have lost their squishy... Oh, and my hair decided to stop growing too fast, so now I need to buy a wig the same colour and basic cut as my hair, but TWO INCHES longer. As of winter, when I chose to do this, my hair could easily grow the needed two inches, maybe even more, in the time until ACen. Now... it's grown perhaps an inch since then. I jinxed my hair growth, I think. I've pretty much resigned myself to borrowing show boots from someone for ACen to replace the likely unfinished custom boots, and I know I won't have the sword done. No way for that. It should all be done for the autumn, though. I'm amazed at the speed with which my helper is capable of doing stuff, though. She does amazing things. Miraculous things. I'm pretty confident that the pants, not-a-shirt, man-skirt, and cape will all be ready to use by ACen. At this kind of expense, I think I'll be cosplaying this character for a few years to come. Maybe more than a few. Maybe I'll just become a rich and powerful necromancer in real life so it stops being cosplay. Ayup. That sounds good to me.
  9. Deadman Wonderland

    It's on Friday, at 7 at the loading docks. I believe the plan was to stay there for the allotted time, then to wander around and get sweet group shots elsewhere. Unfortunately, there will no longer be candy, as I'm not attending. I'm skipping Friday night due to state Solo and Ensemble, which I qualified for and therefore have to attend.
  10. Vocaloid 2012 Gathering

    I'm actually not going to be coming as VY2 (almost absolute) I might recycle my MEIKO as a secondary cosplay to my Unsounded cosplay, and if I do, I'll come in that.
  11. Some questions from a newbie

    This is an old, archived thread, but it's got great stuff regarding every cosplay material EVER. And a huge block of blue text, courtesy of me, regarding really weird materials and bodily hygiene. So... yeah. Try that so you can wear it at least two days!
  12. Deadman Wonderland

    So, we're meeting at 7 at the East Outdoor wall on Friday and going from there? Cool. I no longer know that I'm going to be in DW cosplay, since I've had a sudden desire to do Unsounded instead (Of everything...), but I'll definitely be there to take pictures. In other news, any Gaians should join the Deadman Wonderland Guild on GaiaOnline.
  13. A Weird Wish

    Mine comes exclusively during Latin class. I don't even have one to speak of during summer, because it's waiting for Latin to roll around.
  14. Crossplay

    I dearly love crossplay. I've gotten mistaken a few times (which makes my heart swell) as I've been graced with a pretty androgynous face, and the single most beautiful woman I ever met turned out to be a guy in a dress. Not a transgender person. Just a guy in a dress.
  15. Blue Exorcist 2012?

    Yaaay! I was so worried that the people I'd already heard from were just supporting me because they're my friends and didn't want to shoot down my idea.