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  1. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Idle Evolution - This game is WAY too much like Idle Farmer...but it's better designed, more things to click, has real world data for you to actually learn, and plays itself better than the other Idle game. Meaning it's a much better trap! But yeah, collect atoms of elements to buy upgrades to collect more atoms, to refine evolution points which give more upgrades and new elements. And like that other game, I can't stop and I'm sad about this. :D
  2. Dradon Ball Soda

    $29 without shipping...can't tell if that's awesome or not, but it's good to see this is a thing that exists. Back to your original post, throwing them out was an option? Why not drink them whilst appreciating some DBZ fandom? Flavors to appreciate? Recall there being ridiculous names for the Dungeons & Dragons Jones Soda I had back in the day. :P
  3. What Are You Currently Playing?

    In The Kingdom by Amon Twentysix/Amon26. Released last week, ITK is a retro first person shooter inspired by the the classics which put such games on the map. The game isn't so much about the danger of enemies, because they are taken out rather easily. No, the game is about experiencing something dreadful, all the while those that you shoot down keep...on...coming. I've yet to fully delve into this, because while I DID finish the game, I know there are more secret doors to find (retro throwback to Doom/Nukem/etc.). Got to keep shooting...
  4. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Infectonator : Hot Chase - All the addiction of the regular Infectionator games with a new spin. Run along a path collecting as many points as possible over and over again. Use points to upgrade your zombie so you can go faster and farther each time you run. I don't know if there's an actual end to this game, or if it just progessivly get harder. Otherwise...it's an addictive game. You will likely find yourself playing this over and over again. Good with the bad on that one. :o
  5. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Last game I played was Doom 3 (Xbox) while at Anime Central 2014, and it was laughable bad. Start game, thought I would be able to start shooting things. Can only punch and only thing that really reacts is a traffic cone. Couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of the situation. When I finally did get a gun, killed NPCs with it because I was bored, and eventually died from falling damage. A shame of a game. Maybe if I bothered to get through the boring part in the beginning, it wouldn't be so bad? You're still better off playing the older games, which throw the game right at you from the start. All of them even come in a nice collector edition should you seek it.
  6. My Youtube Channel

    After a quick check on your YT, I see you're still going at it with the LPs. How is the experience treating you? What good and bad have you discovered through the effort?
  7. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I assume MUD type games count if flash games are allowed? If not, too bad, I'm sharing. :P Playing something called Godwars by a fella in the Madison area. Thus far I see it as a game focusing soley on delving into X-shaped dungeons, find loot, level up to fight stronger dungeons for stronger loot, repeat. Simple enough, and I've been attempting to see all the features the game has to offer. Thus far, it seems leveling takes way too long to get to the better moments, so I'm feeling a little down about it. More grinding to do...
  8. Twitch Plays Pokemon!

    After checking out the Wikipedia page made for Twitch Plays Pokemon, it turns out that Crystal has been started and finished in the span of 13 days in March. That's 3 days less than it took to finish Red! As of this moment Emerald has been ongoing since March 21, and a Google Site has been made to note TPP progress. Huh. It would seem they have this down to a science. :D
  9. Shy Cosplayers

    Rather than give advice, I think I'll just take what advice there is to be given as well. I may have been coming to ACen for a few years now, but I feel more like an alien than ever. My own issues with depression than anything, but the lack of communication with ACen folk for over a year doesn't help it. So this next con is going to be VERY interesting. :P
  10. Anime art classes in Madison, WI

    A Madison native! Whoo! Not only that, but one who's working on an artistic venture. Whoo WHOO!!!...*ahem* In other words, you will be hearing from me and/or some of my friends/acquaintances fairly soon. ;)
  11. Pacific Rim

    On the mind of Kaiju related topics, I assume a lot of us here are going to see Godzilla as well? Shall we start a discussion on said film in another topic? :P
  12. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Pine, which the creator admits he was inspired by the design and concept of Endeavor. Which is good, because that rocked. Though Pine still suffered from the same grinding aspect of Endeavor, having to collect items which gain to access to new areas, then having to backtrack to other locations when you gain items in those areas. And should you want a different ending, depending on how to played it could be impossible to achieve it...thus requiring a complete restart. The nature of the beast, I suppose.
  13. What Are You Currently Playing?

    An indie game from a indie filmmaker called Robots Are manparts. It's certainly impressive given he's only been working on gaming code for a little under a month, and he at least has the models down given he's a 3D animator by trade. Doesn't make up for the fact Robots Are manparts is still buggy and needs work, though I strangely enjoy finding glitches in games and just enjoy walking through the animators work in general. A sign of things to come?
  14. Hi guys.... =D Anyone remember me?

    Yes! ACen is coming up and needs your attention fast! Cosplays to finish and connections to make, yes! :o
  15. The official Glomp Thread is Gone

    Will say that the only other place I've ever gotten as many hugs outside of ACen is when I'm around family, and ACen folk at least ask if it's okay to do so. Not so much the friends I see at ACen though. They tend to just glomp. Is cool though. They get a pass. :P