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  1. Tron: Legacy 2011?

    finally done with meh end of line cosplay!!! upload pics at teh moment!!! cant w8 to see u gaiz!!!! link>> http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/a271071/
  2. Tron: Legacy 2011?

    okidoke. I still gotta get my cosplay fully together. I send pics when Im near completion. As of now im just trying to get tutorial on disc modding.
  3. Tron: Legacy 2011?

    ok then. where did you find all this info anyways!? SO MUCH STUFF HAPPENING @ ACen!!! SOO KONFUSED!!!
  4. Tron: Legacy 2011?

    can u give me a tutorial on how you did this?
  5. Tron: Legacy 2011?

    Hey I was do a resistance program cosplay. im using reflective tape. since the lighting will be high at ACen. any info on when or what day this gathering will be?
  6. Tron: Legacy 2011?

    I shall actually be doing a tron legacy costplay myself. k.i.t. I'll being doing a regular program outfit. however im going to leave out the electrical stuff, to tedious for me.
  7. Were pretty much looking for good hotels that have cheap and reasonable rates. 4 ppl staying total. . .any suggestions???