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  1. Anyone cosplaying from tegami bachi this year? Last year I saw only one person cosplaying from that anime. This year i will try to get the bee uniform and I hope I won't be the only one!! Day: Saturday Time: 6:30 - 7 pm Location: Loading Docks Right
  2. Angel Beats! 2011

    This whole time I wanted to be Kanade but all of a sudden I got the idea that I will switch to Yui, and yes, i hope this will be my fianl choice :). It doesnt really make a difference at the moment because I didn't even start working on my cosplay. I will definately start when I gte back from vacation, though.
  3. Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi 2011

    If me and my sister get our cosplays for Angel Beats done on time we're planning to work on Ookami-san cosplays. I want to do Ookami-san and she's planning on doing Majo. If we gte it on time we'll definately work on creating a photoshoot for this anime :)
  4. Angel Beats! 2011

    Great now we have 13 people! My sister finally decided and she's going to be Yuri, so for my group it will definately be Kanade, Yuri, and Shiina. So just to summarize things we have: Noda x2 Yui x1 Kanade x1 Yuri x1 Shiina x1 TK x1 Takamatsu x1 Matsushita x1 And two people who still didnt make their final choice. I can't wait! I can't believe how many people are already going to cosplay from Angel Beats! and its barely been two months since last ACen. Or, actually, just a little over a month. And Angel Beats ended like one or two weeks ago. Cant wait to see who else will show up!
  5. Best Anime Songs

    I'm starting just a "contest" for fun for the best anime song you've EVER heard. I'll check all of them out. Who knows, maybe I'll find some awesome new anime just by listening to them :) My favorite anime song: My Star (another mix) by Yumiko Kobayashi and Kaori Nazuka. (Character Song of Black Star and Tsubaki nakatsukasa form Soul Eater)
  6. So.. hi.

    Welcome! I'm kind of new too, except I've been to my first convention in 2010, so I guess even though you're knew on the forums, you have more experience than me in cosplaying :3 I hope to hear from new people quite often on the forums, and to see what you come up with for the next convention :)
  7. Konnichiwa :3

    No... sadly enough that wasn't me. I was hanging around the shops most of the time on that day...
  8. Places to buy a wig

    Thanks for the advice guys, I'll check the websites out. I'm planning to cosplay them for ACen 2011 and as for the budget, I don't have anything specific set. I'll just have to save up as much money over the year as I can. :3
  9. Soul Eater 2011

    I learned alwaready not to expect a big ending from anime, most of them end weirdly, but the actual story and characters were absolutely awesome. Shinigami has an awesome voice, but not that much in the dub, at least in my opinion :)
  10. Angel Beats! 2011

    I know she doesn't have to learn to play the guitar or sing, she actually said the same thing. I just thing the best cosplays are when you feel and act like the character, and not just look like them. But, of course, if she wants to do Yui without playing guitar or singing, that's no problem. I was just thinking that since there is so little people cosplaying people from Angel Beats people will expect you to do a good cosplay, because there's always somebody who has like a REALLY good one.
  11. Carrying Stuff

    I really had problems carrying things last year... On Friday, when I cosplayed Excalibur form Soul Eater, I had to carry all my things in a plastic bag. It broke and I had no choice but to put it all into my hat which was made out of paper and could barely hold all the stuff in it. The next day I had to carry a boombox :)
  12. Haruhi Photoshoot Hare Hare Yukai Video

    I missed it because I didn't start watching the anime until after ACen that year... Watching this video really made me want to cosplay Yuki for next year :)
  13. Weirdest Things You've Used For Cosplay

    The stick from a swiffer mop to make a cane for my Excalibur cosplay... it failed... :D
  14. I Just Wanted To Say...

    I went with my sister the first time in 2010, and it was soooooooooo totally awesome!! We're planning on going next year but it depends on a lot of different things...
  15. Your First Cosplay Ever

    Three at once, the ones I wore last year. ExCalibur form Soul Eater on Friday and Yaya and Amu form Shugo Chara on Saturday and SUnday. I've never cosplayed before that in my life.