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  1. The Yes Or No Game!

    No, Who didn't have a great time at Anime Central this year?
  2. Long long time :O

    It's been a ;omg tine for me as well, the look has change some
  3. What do the lonely people at ACen do?

    This a little late but here it goes.... There's the anime viewing rooms to watch different anime. They have photo shoots of people who cosplay as certain characters from different anime shows/movies. There's the video game room.. Check the handbook for events going on there might be you'd like to see or view.. Later B)
  4. Singer Prince dies at 57

    Sad to say but the singer know as Prince had died Legendary musician Prince died Thursday morning at his home. He was 57. The artist's publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, said in a statement that he died at his Paisley Park residence in Chanhassen, Minnesota. Earlier reports had indicated that the music icon, full name Prince Rogers Nelson, was sick with the flu earlier this month and was even rushed to a hospital after his plane made an emergency landing. No cause of death was immediately announced. He will be missed but his music will on R.I.P. Prince... Later B)
  5. Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83

    I posted it wrong, one year ago Leonard Nimoy, Actor, Director, and 'Star Trek' passed away.
  6. I hope everyone had a good Christmas, Happy hanukkah ect Now there's one holiday left NEW YEARS EVE!!! So what will you be doing? will get to go out New Years will you chill out out at home? I won't be doing anything special because i've come down with a cold... Later B)
  7. I want to wish everyone here a MERRY CHRISTMAS! OR Happy Hanukkah. Me and my wife will be at her oldest sons house for presents and dinner one day then The other day will be going to my moms. So what will you on CHRISTMAS EVE!! and CHRISTMAS DAY!! Later B)
  8. What will you do for THANKSGIVING?

    Sorry i didn't get this posted sooner (the laptop was down) :angry: But i want to wish ALL the ACen peope a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! This year me and what family i have (there's only a few i have anything to do with). We will not have a reg Thanksgiving at home instead we will be eating out this year... So what will do for thanksgiving? will you go anywhere? What are your big Thanksgiving plans?? Later B)
  9. Adult Responsibilities vs Anime Cons

    I can relate to this, in the past i've been to my share of cons but now i can't go to conventions like i used to. The biggest problem is $$$$ (like most of us) Paying bills and trying to pay off others UGH <_< There's only one con for me and my wife to attend and that's Wizard World and the only reason were going is because of a certain superstar that will be there Thur only. Next year on our 5th wedding anniversary were hoping to save up and stay in Chichago for 2-3 nights and stop by Anime Midwest on and off to check out the cosplayers.. Later B)

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY WEEKEND EVERYONE!!! Not everyone has someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with but many here do, girlfriend, engaged or married. I'll be taking my wife up to Woodfield Mall on this nice cold day. :rolleyes:/> She's already picked out where she wants to eat for lunch, hasn't decided dinner yet.. Whether it was Fri, today or even Sun, not everyone can celebrate Valenine's Day today. Like The topic says. What will do for Valentine's Day ??? Later B)
  11. That's right, with the biggest holiday behind us, that leaves the last and one of the BIGGEST part holidays left. "NEW YEARS EVE" !!!! I want to wish ALL my Anime Central friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!..... Again, i have to work on New Years Eve, but i have an early morning schedule so it won't be a big deal, work will probably dead and that will make it easier for us. My wife will have to work New Years Eve to but only until 6 p.m. we will be at home no going out anywhere.. New Years Day i'll be off just chilling around the house, we get the following friday after New Years Day off, and with our work schedule we get a 4 day vacation So what will you be going on New Years Eve? What will you be doing on New Years Day? Later B)
  12. I want to wish ALL of the Anime central people a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (NOT HAPPY HOLIDAYS) if you don't do celebrate christmas, that's fine to.. Some of us (like me) and my wife will have to work Christmas eve But later that night me and my wife will be going over to her oldest sons house for an earily dinner, go with them to church for a christmas servive and after that go back to their house to do gifts.. On Christmas Day, we will be opening presents at home and probably chill out that night... So what will you do on Christmas eve and Christmas Day? Later B)

    As we all know this Thur is thanksgiving, some won't get to enjoy all of thanksgiving Day because they will have to be at work.... I will be at home with the few relatives see. my wife,(sadly) will have to be at the mall at 6 pm for the nonsense... So what will you be doing on Thanksgiving? will you have to work? Will you get to enjoy the day at home? What will you do on Thanksgiving Day? Later B)
  14. Annual Christmas Card Exchange 2014

    I'm in again anyone that wants a card, PM me with name/forum name and address..... Later B)
  15. Anime Midwest 2014

    'tfcreate' They're seen as "the enemy" here, so you won't see many posts. Turnout was pretty good last year. This time should be at least as good. Wouldn't any other con be considered "The Enemy" i've read some comments form people that have been there like "Getting banned for no real reason" and another that said they don't take credit cards to pay for your badge (weird) Later B)