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  1. 12 Days of ACen Contests

    like it says in the post, production at ACen.org :)
  2. 12 Days of ACen Sale 2013

    Did you miss out on getting your shirt from last con, or want to snag some sweet ACen merch to gift this holiday season? Make sure you check out our online store while its open! Stock is limited so be sure to check it out! Store will run from December 1st to December 12th!
  3. ACen to Host WCS US Finals

    It is in addition to it.
  4. Annual Christmas Card Exchange

    As usual when you send me one at the office I send one on back <3. I have a great collection from last year pinned to the wall... and some funny ones from years past too
  5. Aloft Chicago O’Hare 9700 Balmoral Avenue, Rosemont, Illinois, USA 60018 Room rates for ACen attendees for the ACen 2014 are: Single Occupancy: $ 178.00 Double Occupancy: $ 178.00 Triple Occupancy: $ 178.00 Quadruple Occupancy: $ 178.00 Parking: $ 17.00 per day Parking at the Aloft is reserved for guests staying at the Aloft. Reservations can also be made be made by calling the Aloft reservations department at 1-877-GO-ALOFT. Make sure to tell the representative that you are booking a room within the ACen room block.
  6. I don't know if they have any left, but that hotel hasn't gone though a remodel to remove anything and a long time. I would suggest calling because that's the only way to try an get a connecting room.
  7. The Hilton is not planned to be in our hotel blocks this year, you can reserve regular rooms with them.
  8. Hotels are always going to keep some rooms outside of the hotel blocks. They have to for contracts they keep with other people. The only thing we have control over is our hotel block. If the hotel says you cant get those rooms it may be the dates you are looking for, sometimes the only rooms left are for only Friday or only Saturday. If you are looking to spend points on a room you will need to find a room outside our block somewhere, we do not have control over those rooms/what is availble/ and when they might release those rooms. If you want to use one of the hotel blocks we've provided, your best bets now are the Crowne or the DoubleTree, especially if you are looking for full weekend rooms.
  9. They are almost sold out at both the Hyatt and Embassy, there were a couple king rooms this morning at both, but I doubt for long. Points cant be used on block rooms, but if you manage to book outside the blocks they can be used.
  10. Suggestions for 2014

    The latest hotel block release was updated with hotel information on the website and social media. We en devour to update both at close to the same time. Most of the questions are answered on the facebook if they can be answered by the staff, if someone jumps on with the correct answer then its already done. You can sign up for sms updates to your phone if you dont like Facebook or Twitter, but they will continue being the announcement tool we use in conjunction with the website to hold the information.
  11. Our hotel guru is checking on status's of rooms, but it looks like there's still space at the Crowne and DoubleTree
  12. Suggestions for 2014

    We are working on that now :)
  13. Embassy Suites Room Block Open

    The code works for Thursdays,those rooms in our block have just sold out already. We only have a limited number of Thursdays.
  14. Embassy Suites Room Block Open

    They may be full, you'll want to call to double check
  15. It was posted one Facebook several Days prior and updated on the website with the open time. I would suggest following the official Facebook page for announcements if you don't already.
  16. did you type in the group code? ACX
  17. DoubleTree Room Block Open

    DoubleTree Hotel O’Hare-Rosemont 5460 North River Road, Rosemont, Illinois, USA 60018 Room rates for ACen attendees for the ACen 2014 are: Double rooms Single Occupancy: $ 163.00 Double Occupancy: $ 163.00 Triple Occupancy: $ 173.00 Quadruple Occupancy: $ 183.00 King rooms Single Occupancy: $ 153.00 Double Occupancy: $ 153.00 Triple Occupancy: $ 163.00 Quadruple Occupancy: $ 173.00 Parking: $ 23.00 per day Parking at the DoubleTree Hotel is reserved for guests staying at the DoubleTree Hotel. To make a reservation onlineuse code ACX and select your dates of stay, DoubleTree Reservations can also be made be made by calling the DoubleTree Hotel reservations department at 1-847-292-3280. Make sure to tell the representative that you are booking a room within the ACen room block.
  18. Double check they got it right because anime midwest is a different convention.
  19. Staff mailing list

    You need to email your DH and the Chief of Staff they are the people who approve returning to staff and the CoS facilitates the ML
  20. 2014 Got Soap? Contest

    That first one is already being used for merchandise(a shirt this year) and posters(last year), our version of it is slightly different but same idea and was on our Facebook last year, but glad we're on the same wave length.
  21. RoadShow Ohayocon

    Once again the team is heading up to Ohayocon, so don't forget to stop by! Who's all gonna be there?
  22. Countdown From A Million!

  23. Hyatt room blocks for 2014 already open?

    The other hotels when ready to be opened will be announced in several places, we are sorry for the confusion of the Hyatt opening so early. Like last year when hotels are posted we will mark them on the website as sold out. Thanks for your patience :).
  24. As we start gearing up for 2014, we want to hear from you about 2013. Attendee input is very important to us and it helps make Anime Central grow and adapt to meet attendee needs. In order to do that, we want your honest feedback about what you liked and what we need to work on. Fill out your responses on the form below by May 29th to be entered into the raffle for prizes. Feedback Form
  25. 2013 Gripes

    For the next several years the Dealers Hall will be in Hall A of the Convention Center, I personally fee lit is a much easier hall to operate in and navigate, the other one looking like a big tetris block and all.... Water dispensing units were around the Hyatt like before, so I'm assuming people are talking about in the convention center where they are not provided to us other than at restrooms or in the expoteria purchase stations.