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  1. Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Na-Ga as a 2016 Guest of Honor! Na-Ga is an illustrator for the Key brand under VisualArt’s. He originally began as a graphic designer with Key, and debuted as an illustrator with the “Little Busters!†visual novel, which was later made into an anime series of the same name. Na-Ga works in primary support of Itaru Hinoue, the artist and illustrator who was one of the founding members of Key. Aside from graphic design and illustration, Na-Ga has found a calling in original character design, his most famous work being for “Angel Beats!â€. Most recently, he has contributed original character design to the “Charlotte†anime series.
  2. Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Shinji Orito as a 2016 Guest of Honor! Shinji Orito is a composer for the Key brand under VisualArt’s. Aside from composing music for games and visual novels for Key, Orito is also a producer for the music label “Key Sounds Labelâ€. He is also a singer songwriter and composer for several anime series. His most famous work is the opening theme of “AIRâ€, “Tori no Utaâ€. Among other titles, you can hear Orito’s music in “Kanonâ€, “AIRâ€, “CLANNADâ€, “Tomoyo Afterâ€, “Little Busters!â€, “Rewriteâ€, and “Harmoniaâ€.
  3. Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Eir Aoi as a 2016 Guest of Honor! Eir Aoi (born November 30) is a vocalist from Sapporo, Hokkaido in northern Japan. Since her major label debut in October 2011 with single “Memoria,†the hits know no end, with “Innocence,†“Sirius,†“Ignite,†and “Lapis Lazuli†among her many popular tracks. Her three albums to date have all enjoyed chart debuts in the top ten on Oricon. July 2015 marked the start of a world tour from Paris and London through San Francisco to Mexico. Her bilingual Facebook page has garnered 500,000 Like’s so far, building increasingly solid legions of fans around the globe. Her first Budokan headliner in November was a huge success, and various TV performances have left a lasting impression on music lovers. With looks of an unattainable beauty and a voice that packs a heckuva punch, she’s got what it takes as she makes sure that her songs are heard around the world.
  4. Reaching masquerade organizer(s)?

    We are sorry for the delay, I let the team know people are looking for answers!
  5. Guest Autograph Question

    Eir Aoi's concert is Friday and she has 2 signings. That should be in the guidebook shortly. Thanks for your patience.
  6. 2016 Guests?

    ElKen is still in charge of GR this year and running the guest list. The Guests don't have any relation to the reg or panels system. I know their team has been busy this year working on this and next year simultaneously so hopefully people can have a great show.
  7. Partial-weekend Badges?

    There are no one day children's passes, they've been available online since we opened. Single Day passes will not be available until the convention. registration-info registration-policies
  8. View new content is full of spam

    ugh, thanks!
  9. Anime Central 2016!

    Our dates are May 20th-22nd, 2016! Hope to see you there!
  10. Monica Rial

    Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Monica Rial as a 2016 Guest of Honor! Monica Rial has been working in the anime voice over industry for 16 years and is currently listed as the most prolific anime voice actor in the USA. She has lent her voice to over 400 anime including: Assassination Classroom (Kaede), Baccano! (Chane), Black Butler (Mei Rin), Certain Magical Index (Index), Deadman Wonderland (Shiro), Fairy Tail (Mirajane), FMA (Lyra/Dante, May Chang), Hetalia (Belarus), Michiko & Hatchin (Michiko), One Piece (Tashigi/Carue/Kuina), Ouran Host Club (Renge), Panty and Stocking (Stocking), Soul Eater (Tsubaki), Tokyo Ghoul (Rize), Tsubasa (Sakura), Watamote (Tomoko), Yona of the Dawn (Yona), and many more. You can catch her as Bulma in Dragonball Z Kai as well as in the movies “Battle of Gods†and “Resurrection Fâ€. She’s also appeared in several video games including: Ms. ‘Splosion Man, Tribes Ascend, Smite, Borderlands 2, and the Borderlands Pre-Sequel. Be sure to come by and say hello!
  11. How will badge discounts work this year?

    Its not available yet, but when it is we will send out an email.
  12. View New Content

    I'm working to find a fix currently, there are some updates we are working on.
  13. The Art and Publications team has a few openings this year on our team. This team is not often seen but has a huge impact on our event, and is an amazing group of people to work with. I am looking for: • 1 Photographer • 2 Videographers • 1 Writer/Editor The Art and Publications Department is responsible for producing and presenting all graphical and digital media for the organization, in other words to provide the “look and feel†of the event. The Art and Publications team is under the direction of the Department Manager and requires a large amount of online collaboration and communications. Want to apply? Send a letter of intent to production(@)ACen.org. Tell me about yourself, your style, and your motivation. • Must present a professional portfolio and/or links to digitally published works or sites. • Must present a professional resume. • Must have reliable internet connections/ and be adept in online networking. • Must present a list of programs you are proficient in; please define levels of proficiency • Must have access to or own your own tools/equipment/programs. • Extra: if you have any additional references, or outside experience feel free to provide that as well. Though this is a volunteer position, it is an amazing opportunity to work on a great team and expand your professional portfolio.
  14. Anime Central fans, it is time to get involved and be creative!. The “Got Soap?†slogan contest for 2016 is now open! Never heard of it before? Its a fun contest we hold yearly to choose the slogan that goes on our ACen Got Soap shirt. You make the slogans, the community votes, and we produce the shirt! How it works: Submit your idea(s) to the “contest†portion of the forums between October 9th- October 21st. ACen staff will compose a list of the appropriate and most creative submissions and post a poll on Facebook where they will be voted on by YOU! Voting will begin October 22nd and end on October 30th. The winning idea will be announced October 31st. Winner will receive a complimentary t-shirt with their slogan printed on it and a free badge for themselves! Just a few guidelines before you begin: You may NOT use any printed slogans from previous years, however, you may use them as inspiration. You may NOT use copyrighted or trademarked material All entries must be “family friendly" and PG13 to be taken into consideration Slogan suggestions must have something to do with soap, suds, bubbles, showering, etc. If it doesn't tie in to “Got Soap?â€, it will unfortunately not be considered Extra consideration given to submissions that work with our theme for this year! If your idea was not chosen from last years lineup, you may submit it again for this years shirt Both attendees and staff may submit slogan suggestions Staff will only receive a free t-shirt if their idea is chosen By submitting a slogan into this contest you agree that Anime Central / M.A.P.S. has the right to reuse that slogan for the "Got Soap?" shirt, and any other way they see fit Winner agrees to have their name posted on our media outlets along with the slogan To claim complimentary badge, winner must have a registered account in the event system T-shirt art is created by the Anime Central Art & Publications Department Good Luck to All!
  15. intent to return form

    email your department manager, the intent to return went out months ago.
  16. 2016 Event Registration?

    65 E. Palatine Rd. Suite 301 Prospect Heights, IL 60070
  17. Crowne Plaza block open date

    The date has not been set yet, when it is we will be sure to make announcements.
  18. Selfie sticks

    They are currently still allowed unless the event says no photography allowed. thanks for asking!
  19. ACen 2015 Dates!

    Anime Central 2015 dates are: May 15th-17th,2015!
  20. Question about some med problems

    They are set up Thursday in the Reg hall during reg open hour, but I do not believe they open in the Hyatt until Friday, those hours haven't been set yet.
  21. Question about some med problems

    Visit one of our special needs locations during the convention and they work with you to ensure you don't have issues. There's one location in the convention center near Registration, and one in the Hyatt near the Grand Registration Desk.
  22. Tabletop Gaming Department Head

    The Programming Section Chief is now accepting applications for a department head for Tabletop Gaming. If you are interested, please submit the following to programming-sectionchief@ACen.org and chiefofstaff@ACen.org by 1-15-2015: Resume Discussion of your gaming background and knowledge Summary of your vision for improving gaming participation and visibility among attendees, and improving the attendee experience in this area. Below is a summary of the dept. as it exists today: Tabletop gaming is a programming department responsible for scheduling, managing, and hosting board, card, and roleplaying games during the Anime Central event. TTG runs programming 24h a day throughout the event, providing a safe fun space for con-goers to relax and learn a new game, play a familiar one, and enjoy time with friends old and new. · DH: Manager of department, responsible for performing all duties of the position, first point of contact for all official correspondence. · ADH: Coordinate a sub-section of department events, manage schedules for games and judges. Distribute judging materials. · Staff: Members of the department who assist in running events, managing tournaments, or planning and running the department desk during the event. Specific Duties / Responsibilities · Pre-con: o Prepare minis, terrain, prep material o Prepare modules o Setup schedules o Setup tournaments o Setup booth trades / prize support trades o Schedule staff o Setup Board Games Library contract terms and negotiations · At-Con: o Coordinate events o Run games/tournaments o Resolve scheduling issues and shift players to cover gaps and holes. · Post-Con o Summarize event attendance o Submit judging reviews o Publish results, gamer awards, thank-yous o Repack inventory for following year.
  23. 12 Days of ACen 2014

    From December 1st through the 12th we’ll be rolling out exciting contests where you can win signed posters, sweet prize packs, tickets to special events, and even complimentary memberships. Each contest will be posted on social media and our website so make sure you follow closely to get in on all the holiday cheer. Day 1 December 1st, 2014 A Few of my Favorite Things Today we kick off our #12DaysofACen contest by letting everyone know about a few of your favorite ACen things! ! To enter use Facebook &Twitter, remember to #12DaysofACen. Winner drawn at 8pm December 1st! Day 2 December 2nd, 2014 Sharing is Caring Share with us your favorite pic from ACen 2014 that really captures the spirit of ACen, and you might find yourself the winner of today’s ACen Swag Pack! To enter use Facebook & Twitter, remember to #12DaysofACen contest closes at 8pm tonight. Day 3 December 3rd, 2014 Home is Where the Art Is Calling all ye artists! This year’s art theme is “ACen Academy Yearbookâ€. Your challenge is to create a work of art incorporating our mascots within this theme. Entrants have until 8:00 pm CST on December 5th to enter a piece to production at ACen.org, if your file is too large zip it or set up a dropbox for it. A Facebook gallery will be created with Artist’s work on Anime Central’s Facebook where fans can vote on their favorite piece. All pieces for submission must include a Title, Medium, Artist Real Name( you may supply a pen name in addition to your real name if you do not wish your real name to be displayed), and contact email address. To claim prize winner must agree to abide by all rules of the artist alley. Round One of Voting will be done by the amount of likes an image receives. All votes(Likes) will be tabulated by December 7th 8:00 pm. The top Five pieces based on likes will then be voted on by staff for the winner. It will be judged primarily on composition, technique and theme. The winner will be notified, and receive a free table in the Artist Alley for 2015. This table may not be resold or transferred. Should winner choose to not accept the prize, prize will be offered to the runner up. By submitting your original concept art you give Anime Central, and Midwest Animation Promotion Society, the explicit permission to use said artwork for convention purposes. Any concept art submitted must be original artwork. Anything that is submitted cannot contain any copyrighted or trademarked material (characters, logos, intellectual property, etc.) with the exception of Anime Central’s mascots (Jaye, Elle, and Kit). Limit one entry per attendee. Full legal name must be submitted with any entry. All submissions must be G-rated. Remember we are a family friendly convention (no nudity, suggestive posing, etc). Day 4 December 4th, 2014 Day 4 is all about Season’s Eatings! Share with all of your ACen friends a recipe for one of your favorite treats, an while you’re at it let us know what’s so great about it! Contest closes at 8pm CST on December 4th. Winner receives an ACen Swag pack! To enter use Facebook &Twitter, remember to ‪#‎12DaysofACen‬ Day 5 December 5th, 2014 Reading by a Fire Share with all of our ACen friends your top three manga picks this holiday season for your chance to win today’s swag pack! Contest closes at 8pm CST on December 5th! To enter use Facebook &Twitter, remember to #12DaysofACen Day 6 December 6th, 2014 Tied up with String Share with us your in progress cosplay or your cosplay line up for ACen 2015 for today’s #12DaysofACen contest and you could find yourself the winner of today’s swag pack! To enter use Facebook &Twitter, remember to #12DaysofACen. Contest closes at 8pm CST on December 6th! Day 7 December 7th, 2014 Let it Show, Let it Show, Let it Show! What is ACen to you? Tell us an you could win a complimentary membership today! Take a picture of yourself with a white board/or piece of paper and let us know what ACen is to you, and share it with us here! Contest closes at 8pm CST on December 7th. To enter use Facebook &Twitter, remember to #12DaysofACen Day 8 December 8th, 2014 It’s Not What We Get, It’s What We Give Today is your day to nominate a friend to receive an ACen swag pack. Let us know what makes this awesome person deserving and they may end up with today’s gift! To enter use Facebook &Twitter, remember to #12DaysofACen. Contest closes at 8pm CST on December 8th! Day 9 December 9th, 2014 Making the Season Bright Today’s #12DaysofACen Contests is a bad sweater selfie showdown. Breakout those bad sweaters, strike a pose, and post your pic to enter! To enter use Facebook &Twitter, remember to #12DaysofACen. Contest closes at 8pm CST on December 9th! Day 10 December 10th, 2014 Making a List What I really want for the holidays is______! Share with us and you might find yourself the winner of today’s ACen Swag Pack! To enter use Facebook &Twitter, remember to #12DaysofACen contest closes at 8pm tonight. Day 11 December 11th, 2014 Traditions Holiday traditions never get old. What is your favorite tradition you look forward to every holiday season? Share with us and you might find yourself the winner of today’s ACen Swag Pack! To enter use Facebook &Twitter, remember to #12DaysofACen contest closes at 8pm tonight. Day 12 December 12th, 2014 Sing in the Cheer Today’s challenge is to take a common holiday song and create an ACen parody to it. Winner will receive an ACen Swag Pack and a membership to ACen 2015! #12DaysofACen or post below on Facebook, contest closes at 8pm tonight. We love you guys! A warm thanks to everyone who participates in this yearly event!!
  24. 12 Days of ACen 2014

    There wasnt one this year, you can email merchandising at ACen.org to see if they plan on opening one in the spring before the convention.
  25. Dance Admittance Notification

    Greetings ACen attendees, This year we are introducing new rules regarding the attendance of Hardcore Synergy and the Soap Bubble dances. These dances will be open to all ages from their opening, until 12:00am (midnight). Afterwards, it will be only be open to attendees who are 18 years or older. After 12:00am (midnight) it will be mandatory to show a government issued photo ID. We are making this change to our rules to help ensure a safe environment for all of our attendees and staff. Once the clock strikes midnight, we will no longer be admitting anyone under the age of 18 years old without a legal parent or guardian into the room. We would also like to remind the attendees that the curfew for anyone under 18 years old in Rosemont is 12:00am (midnight) and we are doing our best to abide and respect the law in Rosemont. Things to know before coming to the Dances: NO bottles with any liquids will be allowed inside the Dances, there will be water stations inside the event. NO bags will be allowed in. This is for the safety of everyone. We want everyone to know this BEFORE they line up that absolutely NO BAGS will not be admitted. The only exception to this will be a clutch/wristlet, which will be subject to searching. We advise all attendees to also utilize their badges to carry their forms of ID. These new rules have been sent out in the December Newsletter, and posted on both dance pages of our website, in conjunction with the forums here.We hope everyone understands why we are implementing these new polices, and we wish everyone a safe an enjoyable time at these events. -Main Events Department