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  1. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Basically Dragonball Fighterz on the PS4
  2. shin megami tensei/persona

    Cool and yea the Midnight shoot is something to behold :)
  3. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Thanks all this time and i never noticed they were letterd
  4. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    ok stupid question are the loading docks numbered? just wondering because the two shoots i run are there and not the familiar with how they are numbered. They are loading docks A7 and A1
  5. shin megami tensei/persona

    Awesome can not wait
  6. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Thanks and this is what i get for doing this after i get over the flu. Thanks Again
  7. shin megami tensei/persona

    So just to keep everyone up to date Fri is set 4pm at the loading docks A7 of the DESCC. As for the midnight shoot it got a bit messed up time wise but went ahead and asked for a change but will keep everyone up to date
  8. ACen 2017 Cosplay Gatherings Schedule

    Hay i asked for the shin megami tensei photoshoot and the fri one is fine but i may have put it wrong but for Sat i wanted to get 11:45 pm on sat, Sorry and thanks
  9. Pokemon!

    Working on gijinka duskull as we speak.
  10. Cosplay Gatherings - Let's try to organize a bit

    Only submitted for shin megami tensei / persona
  11. shin megami tensei/persona

    So i went ahead and put us in for photoshoots on Fri mid afternoon and Sat at around 11:30 so we shall see where we end up. Hope everyone's cosplays are coming along
  12. shin megami tensei gathering

    Thanks again for everyone showing up at both of the shoots and be sure to put any pictures you have here for everyone to see
  13. shin megami tensei gathering

    Alright so just checked my email and it looks like everything is going back to normal so the original spot is where the meet up will be.
  14. shin megami tensei gathering

    They said it should will try my best to keep everyone up to date till i leave on Thursday
  15. shin megami tensei gathering

    The fri shoot has changed locations just got the email so it has moved to the Tower Overhang, witch is that concrete structure off to the side of the main door. The midnight shoot looks to be in the same area, though it is not in the book