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  1. 28 Male looking for room for ACen. Able to pay $200. Would like a room that is Thursday night - Sunday morning. No smoking, no drinking, allows for sleep time. I bring very little, one bag of clothing and cooler full of soda to be shared. I would appreciate my own card key if possible, I do alot of buying and would return to the room regularly. Feel free to message me with any questions or if you would just like to chat to get to know me.
  2. To Early to register for a room for next year?

    Thank you magishine, I was shocked when they said it was booked already!!! Thank you again!!!
  3. To Early to register for a room for next year?

    PLEASE tell me this is the situation with the Embassy. I just called them to see what rates are right now and they said that the ENTIRE hotel is booked.
  4. Persona 3 + Dissidia Final Fantasy = AMAZING!

  5. Color comparison please.

    ill take these ideas to the fabric store next time i go, if i do not find the same type of materials, can someone confirm Fabric.com as being legit for ordering? and thank you all for your input and suggestions ill look over them all before ordering the final material.
  6. Color comparison please.

    thank you for the help audaciouska i will definitely keep this in mind when buying fabrics again
  7. Fatal Frame 2011

    Please let me know if you get a photo shoot together, I love Fatal Frame
  8. Color comparison please.

    Id be very grateful audaciouska....like i said, im bad with colors...i thought it was all purple...
  9. Color comparison please.

    So my eyes get a little wiggy whenever it comes to colors and shades and such, so I was hoping someone with better eyes could help me compare this FABRIC I bought to the OFFICIAL SD pic. Thank you in advance ^___^
  10. You're old...

    I know I'm old, you dont gata rub it in ;-;...on a side note, all Memes are old after the first 297.2 million people use it(I'm usually in the 299.3 area so every Meme I hear is old). And really Red? Clint Eastwood was 10 years ago already??? Where does the time go...*whistles said song*
  11. Dear WWE,

    Bring back WCW...it was less of a soap opera....
  12. Phoebe's Bangle Help

    if you have a leather store around where you live, just have them cut a strap to correct length and thickness and paint it with something that wont chip or wrap it in cloth or whatever.
  13. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    yeah i know oichi, good luck ^___^
  14. Your opinion of oversized people cosplaying.

    Fujoshi, I know what you mean about the "dont bring unwanted attention to yourself" cause all the time you hear about girls complaining "ALL GUYS DID WAS STARE AT MY CHEST" and they cosplay as characters such as Rikku from X-2 or someone else that is meant to have a very open top.
  15. anyone want an aquatic turtle/set up free?

    mmmm...dinner....no seriously...last turtle i had my cat ate.....