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  1. Homestuck 2013!

    SO MANY AWESOME GATHERINGS!!! DX If I get a chance ill try to bring my Rainbow Dash Dirk! (those who went to IL Promstuck will know which one i mean)
  2. Blue Exorcist 2013

    I finally (almost)finishes my Amaimon so I might bring it! =3 Amaimon - Anime Midwest
  3. Big O in 2013

    I wasn't planing on doing Roger again so soon but.... how... can... I... resist.... the.... GIANT.... MEGADEUS!!!!!!!!
  4. Anybody here going to Cosplay Prom?

    Haha, I think next year with more people it will be much better! Btw I was the guy in the black mask! =)
  5. Anybody here going to Cosplay Prom?

    No idea, tho I'm sure some will be doing the 'be right back need to get something out of my car thing' =P
  6. Just wondering if anyone here is planning on going to the cosplay prom this weekend. (May12) Event Page After all cosplay prom sounds much more fun than normal prom. XP
  7. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    Thinking of doing... *_* Barnabas Collins - Dark Shadows (2012 Film)
  8. ACEN 2013 Cosplay!

    Gene Starwin (Outlaw Star) Hwoarang (Tekken) And possibly one other which I'm not sure yet. Depends on what my cosplay partner says.
  9. Fairy Tail 2012

    Still looking for more pictures from Saturdays photoshoot. I was Gajeel. Let me know if you took any. =)
  10. Next Year I will be doing Gene Starwin from Outlaw Star with a few others. Now this year I did Big O and it was fun but I been thinking if instead of doing small Gatherings if I should go ahead and organize a bigger combine gathering. I was thinking doing Toonami/Aldult Swim since Toonami had a bunch of animes that we are still cosplaying to this day. So what do the forums cosplayers think of this idea? I think it would be fun and we would get plenty of cross overs from our favorite series (Spike vs Vash vs Gene anyone?)
  11. Photo Request Thread 2012

    Roger Smith - Big O Shoot (Friday) Gajeel/Gazille - Fairy Tail Shoot (Saturday)
  12. Spring 2012

    Ah! Glad to see someone posted it up. Been so busy with school and all. It makes me happy to see people keeping this alive. Anyways I haven't really payed much attention to the list but I had some extra time the other day and was able to see a few series. So far... Accel Word, is looking pretty awsome. The chubby main character is an interesting twist, I want to see how it all plays out. The other one is Zetman, which Seems very old school devilman type series, it has potential.
  13. Big O!

    Updated the time and place in accordance with the official Gathering List, Friday at 7pm Depending on who goes we might walk around so we can get better shots. The sun will set at 7:46 so we should have some low light ideal for a noir series =)
  14. Big O!

    AWSOME! I love your Dorothy, btw I hope you got a chance to pick up the right make up. xD On another news I might have some friends moving in with me next month. Ill see what I can do about getting them into this. I think it can get at least one of them to be Schwarzwald. XD
  15. Blue Exorcist 2012?

    Amaimon's vs Rin's! We shall take your swords AND YOUR SHIEMIS! xD