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  1. Soul Eater 2011

    I'll be cosplaying Blair this year, so you can add me to the list! Also, have we picked a meeting place yet? It'd be cool if you added that information to the very first post so noobs like me don't get confused ^^
  2. Hey guys! I'm cosplaying Blair from Soul Eater and I don't want to wear a wig ('ε ') IRL I have long, thick hair and it won't fit under one, even with a wig cap. A friend told me to dye it, but my hair is too dark and I will need to bleach it beforehand... buuuut I don't want to do that either (and my mom would throw a fit...). So, if I dyed it daaaark purple (I tested some out and it hardly lightens it) instead of light purple would I be cheating too much? Thanks!
  3. Soul Eater 2011

    Do we know where we're meeting up yet? I am so excited!!! (>////<)
  4. Soul Eater 2011

    I'll be cosplaying as Blair (> ゚ヮ゚)> Meow!
  5. Cosplayers looking for cosplay groups

    I'm cosplaying Blair and my friend is going as Medusa ^_^ We also might have a Maka (fingers crossed)! We should see about an official meet-up! I like your wig, btw.
  6. Sailor Moon 2010

    I'll be going as Sailor Mars!
  7. Sailor Moon 2010

    I'm dressing as Sailor Mars!