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  1. been having a tough time deciding on when to go see avengers... The midnight show will be great and it most likely will be on multiple screens at muvico, however it may be over-crowded and I can easily enjoy the matinee friday for a lesser crowd! buttt if I wait friday I might get that friend who ruins the movie w/ a facebook spoiler post or text lol What are you guys/girls planning on doing???
  2. What's shakin

    whats up rondo! How's weather been in OH?
  3. American Reunion

    Anyone else catch American Reunion this weekend? I caught the midnight show at muvico (best movie place in our area in rosemont right next to the convention!) It was so great. I liked how they all had their moment. I wont ruin anything but I always liked Shermans parts and well he delivers again! lol
  4. WWE/UFC/MMA/Boxing Fans?

    TAKER 20-0 end of an era! Was grateful JR called the match Wrestlemania w/out Jr is like thanksgiving w/out turkey
  5. What's shakin

    Whats up Anime folk! Names Mikey, 27 and lived in Chicago all my life. Always looking for new friends to teach me about some more anime. I"m not too blood-thirsty, I like a good butt-kicking but don't need heads getting chopped off. Top anime's I've been into are GTO and Streetfighter 2 v because in SF I knew all the characters. I need it to be in english too. I was so excited to see a football anime but I'm just not a fan of reading subtitles. Anyways, I believe I'll be heading to ACen this year! I went a few years go and did pretty good in the super smash tourney! Looking for new friends any age Huge ninja turtles guy so anyone who can persuade me into these new michael bay aliens turtles please feel free I cant see it working at all. facebook is mjasiak22@gmail.com if you'd like to see a pic- currently me flashing a taker 20-0 shirt for wrestlemania! greetings! and if you need custom shirts ever I have a cousin who is a good web-design man at www.mrcreativitee.com lets start chatting! ps- I'd love to find people to IM i miss good aol AIM days
  6. General Anime Trade/sell

    pm me with anime- i am not 100% sure I will buy it but I am looking for english dubbed of the following anime sports such as the boxing one- anime baseball/basketball eyeshield 21 eng dub only dramady shows that are funny with good story lines such as GTO in english only. plmk what u have and ill look on youtube for a quick "teaser/trailer" to make sure I"ll like it thanks
  7. Marvel Vs Capcom 3

    we need nightcrawler! E. Honda! apocalypse i would love to see frank west in this game because i enjoy using himin the tatsonoku game!
  8. Madden Tournament

    I would be interested, but only for playstation 2... i think it sucks on 360 and ps3 the ps 2 was such a smoother style of game and i enjoy how they never really changed anything except for update rosters. i'll be there friday and saturday.. i hope this is set up!
  9. Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Low Tier Tourny!

    I would most definitely participate! what day are you planning on hosting this? i will be there friday for the smash tourney and i plan on heading there saturday!
  10. Smash Star Suggestions (ssbb Related)

    will the tournament hosts provide the classic controller pro or gamecube controllers?? or do we need to bring our own? i am a total noob for this ACen but i am super excited! thanks