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  1. Looking for a manga

    Hi, all. I read a manga from Manga Fox that was about a high schooler that was super uninterested in doing anything that involves after school clubs and such. He could also see people's hearts. Later, he joins the school's band club and aims to become a director. Oh, and it turns out he has an advanced for of Synesthesia. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Shokugeki no Soma

  3. I think I need a room...

    So, I guess I really wasn't paying attention to date and life because ACen is literally RIGHT HERE. And I need a room from Friday to Sunday. Please? A little about me: -Male -19 years of age -Laotian/Thai/Asian -Actually cares about cleanliness -Able to respect room rules and belongings of others. -Floor space is good enough for me. -ACen goer of 5 years -Not cosplaying this year, but I have cosplay experience to help put on props and things. -Can drop somewhere around $120 for a room -Can bring food/drinks/snacks. So, yeah. Thanks, guys.
  4. I Fight Dragons

    Ahh, IFD <3 I'm sad I missed their concert last year...
  5. Murder Mystery

    Oh! Oh! I'd love to volunteer!! :D
  6. I Fight Dragons

  7. Room for one more?

    Haha, sure, lol. I don't mind. High schoolers are always interesting :P Btw, what kind of Asian are you? Lao, Thai, Korean, Filipino? I'm Laotian, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese.
  8. Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

    Sexy boots and an awesome scythe........ Challenge accepted.
  9. Dot Hack 2013

    Haha, YES! Sounds like it'll be a blast, lol. Maybe a Gaspard cosplay..... Or....... Maybe.............. PIROS THE 3RD
  10. Room for one more?

    Hiyas, ACen/con-goers. My name's Nick and I'll be needing a room.... I'm 18, male, and Asian..... Oh, and I'll need a space/corner of the room to keep my cosplay(It's a Domo-kun). I'm not to picky about where I sleep or if the room is a wee bit of a distance from the consite. I'm a pretty soft-spoken guy and don't mind a bit of alcohol or cigarette smoke. It doesn't bother me, but I'd rather not have any of it myself . If ya need to know anything else, just reply, comment, or message me. Thanks again! And I turn 19 on the Monday AFTER the con.... Aiyah, lol.
  11. Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji

    So many Ciels............. o.O I was planning/thinking/pondering the thought of going as Undertaker for a day...... But no Grells or Sebastians in sight. How disappointing.