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  1. Masquerade 2012 Winners?

    Actually She cosplayed as Arrietty from Arrietty. Her real name is Naoko.
  2. Fairy Tail 2012

    I'll have my daughter as Lisanna again. I dunno about adult Lisanna though.
  3. Fairy Tail 2012

    friday night is good whenever. I can work my AT group around FT.
  4. Fairy Tail 2012

    Hmmm shoots will depend on what time the panel is. I'd hate to have the panel and the shoots at the same time....Plus I definitely don't want the shoot on saturday to compete with the Masq. Friday is good any time.
  5. Adventure Time 2012

    I should be there as the Ice Queen with a Cake, Gunter and my daughter is going as Fionna. I may have to kidnap some Princes. <3
  6. Fairy Tail 2012

    Mine and Ashikana's Fairy Tail panel has been approved for another year! So be sure to come to it, everyone! <3
  7. Deadman Wonderland

    Yay for peer pressure! XD And remember green jumpsuit and the collar thing = random Deadman. I think I might try to pull off Makina. I would prefer to do either Azami or Uzumue Sumeragi but no one would know who I am. D:
  8. Deadman Wonderland

    Hahaha oooohhhhh. You are just bringing the whole cast with you. XD
  9. Deadman Wonderland

    ooo more people yay! -throws throws around confetti- Although who is being Tamaki? We have a Toto...but I don't remember a Tamaki....hmmm.
  10. Well for us, we used a cardboard tube as a base. Some insulation foam, some wood and an old giant christmas holiday ball ornament. It was somewhere between five and ten pounds. And is very durable. Other than a few of the smaller glued on thin pieces. If you want, I could recommend what to use for each piece of the SW cannon and you can go from there. Although building off a toy cannon could be a good start. Especially if you are a noob to prop making. (FYI that cannon was our fourth prop made...)
  11. If you would like some suggestions and tips for materials to use on the cannon, let me know! I can definitely give you some! My husband made Wiper's Cannon for a friend. And we are more than willing to let you know materials we used or any other question you ask!
  12. Deadman Wonderland

    Yay another person. You must get into shape and cosplay Senji. YOU MUST!
  13. Deadman Wonderland

    aaarrrgghhh the forums ate my post. D: Yeah I was thinking we could start the meetup/shoot at like the poop statue. Cause as much as I would love to have a large group, we'll be lucky to have ten. XD We'll stay there about half an hour for some "candid" and "fun shots" then we can move unto the stairwells and hamster tunnel and anywhere anyone can think of. Also I am thinking the time would be at like 8 or 9. The DH/AA will have been closed for a bit, it is slightly after dinner so...
  14. Deadman Wonderland

    Sounds good! To me. Currently since there will be four of us, I am thinking that it would be good to have the photoshoot in the hamster tunnels. And probably later in the day after the DH/AA has closed.
  15. Deadman Wonderland

    lol yeah she would love battle pictures. She was so mad at us for not having got her sword done in time for Otakon. She is such a trooper too. And yeah we will probably have like ten people at most (if we are lucky, hahaha) for the photoshoot/gathering. So we can just have a good old time.