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  1. With the final guest list in now, I figure I can start this discussion thread. I'll keep the thread active through the summertime cleanup that happens on the forums. So, let me know what you think about this year. I know I have feedback for myself and my team, and I bet a lot of it will be echoes of what I'll see here. What did you think of the guest lineup? I know what you think about announcements, but it doesn't hurt saying it again. What about the schedule (yes, not posted yet, but once you do see it...)? And the events themselves, how were they? What did you see? What was good? What could be better? Let us know!
  2. John Cena

    John Cena would be welcome to attend Anime Central. He could even host fan panels (if his submissions were accepted). But he certainly will not be invited as a guest.
  3. Changing Username

    No need to PM me. I'll take care of it shortly.
  4. Changing Username

    Sorry you haven't been able to get your username changed as yet, but I can do it! Before I do, however, please make sure the email address on your account is correct. Once verified, I'll do it. Cheers!
  5. Anime Central is thrilled to announce the Japanese all girl rock band SCANDAL will be making a stop at Anime Central during their SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015 "HELLO WORLD"! Their concert will be held on Friday, May 15, 2015 at the Rosemont Theatre, and the girls will make additional appearances throughout the convention weekend at Anime Central. SCANDAL is an all girl Japanese pop-rock band from Osaka, Japan. Formed in August 2006, SCANDAL consists of HARUNA (lead vocals, backup guitar), MAMI (lead guitar, backup vocals), TOMOMI (bass, backup vocals), and RINA (drums, backup vocals), who all met attending the same voice and dance school in Osaka. Since their major debut in 2008, SCANDAL has skyrocketed to the tops of the Oricon charts and became the fastest girl band to ever perform at the Nippon Budokan since debuting. Some of their anime tie-ins include songs featured in "Bleach," "Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood," "Star Driver," and "Pokemon," among others. The SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015 "HELLO WORLD" will take the girls through Japan, Europe, Asia, Mexico, and the United States, with Anime Central being one of their stops. SCANDAL will be playing Friday evening at the Rosemont Theatre, located across the street and less than a block south of the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Tickets will not be required for the concert, but attendees must show their Anime Central badges at the door to gain access. There will also be a small number of premium seat tickets available for advance purchase. Premium seat tickets will give purchasers assigned seating in the sections closest to the stage on the main floor. General admission audience (those without tickets) will be allowed to fill in to any open, non-reserved seat, including the entire balcony, upon entry. More information about premium seat tickets will follow. Official Announcement SCANDAL Official Website SCANDAL Official YouTube
  6. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    Nice! Thanks for the clarification and additional info.
  7. Greetings all, I apologize for the lateness of the Guest of Honor appearance schedules. In addition to the schedules that will be on Guidebook (Android or iPhone apps or browse straight from web), I will be posting a PDF of the guest schedule here. It will include Main Programming's rooms (Grand Ballroom and Rosemont Ballroom, both in the Hyatt), the Guest & Industry panel rooms (Panel Rooms 1, 2, 3, and 9, all in the DESCC), and the autograph areas (1 and 2, DESCC Exhibit Hall). If you have any schedule questions, please feel free to ask here. One-page (8 1/2 x 11) PDF (Updated Thu 5/14 2:30am) Thanks, and I hope everyone has a great con!
  8. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    Yes, the girls were able to take all of Sunday to go into the city and sightsee. If you check out their Facebook page, you'll see several photos from all over the downtown area. Tomomi's fall onstage was an accident. She's very energetic and mobile while playing - she just tripped on her own cord. She was not hurt, thankfully. I doubt there will be any chances for autographs or photos in LA or Anaheim, but I really don't know since I was only in charge of ACen's part of the tour. Both lives are at House of Blues venues, so, like I said, I really doubt it.
  9. Guest Schedules

    I was unaware that Viz was enforcing rules on our autograph signing. It was not supposed to be like that. I will speak with Viz about this to ensure it does not happen again in the future. The VAs were supposed to be allowed to sign any licensed merchandise - not just Viz/Sailor Moon. I apologize for the restrictions and confusion! I hope everyone had a great con!
  10. We're starting a new collaboration with the fashion company Antigone's in Japan, and Mika Takeuchi is our first guest from them! Mika will be hosting an event at Anime Central with AKIRA! Mika Takeuchi made her debut in the Gothic/ Punk world as a designer in S-inc as part of the h.NAOTO group. She had been the chief designer of Jelly and Honey. Mika Takeuchi has since joined Antigone’s in 2014. The new MIKA TAKEUCHI brand derives from modern Japanese culture, consisting of a mixture of Gothic, Lolita and her own signature style. The first MIKA TAKEUCHI U.S.A fashion show occurred in 2014 in Washington D.C. That year also saw the debut of the MR and “Tranquil & Muse†brands in Japan. Mika also opened her first flagship store in Harajuku Laforet. Official Twitter: @antigones_mr Official Site: http://antigones.jp/ Website Announcement Mika's Message to ACen fans
  11. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    It is. The PDF is correct; Guidebook is still not yet updated.
  12. Guest Schedules

    Updated schedule: Moved Stephanie Sheh's first signing a half hour earlier to give her time to get to a panel that follows her signing.
  13. Guest Schedules

    Unfortunately, there is no plan to get panel attendees over to the autograph signing. There is a maximum amount of time someone can line up before a signing, and that would be the only thing preventing an excessive number of people from getting in ahead of panel-goers. I apologize if this causes an issue for you, and I will try to avoid such scheduling issues in the future. I appreciate you bringing this up to me.
  14. Guest Schedules

    Posted an updated schedule (not yet in Guidebook): Added 07th Expansion's panel names, Added panels for Roland Kelts, including one joint with Helen McCarthy. Some of Lisle's and Helen's panels have change days or times. Cheers!
  15. Guest Schedules

    Thanks for the heads up. Cancelled events are supposed to have the word CANCELLED added to the beginning of the title. Perhaps they didn't do that. They're giving me edit (but not publish) access to Guidebook tonight. I'll look at it and see what I can do.
  16. I don't know! I'll shoot an email out to them to see where they're at with everything. Sorry for the lack of communication!
  17. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    Be sure to also check out this forum thread where I have posted a PDF of the guest schedule.
  18. Guest Schedules

    It's not a bad suggestion to look into doing signings in other spaces. We'll look into the possibility, how we'd manage lines, etc. for future years. Thanks!
  19. Guest Schedules

    I hope so! I'm pretty sure we'll see one having to do with 07th's games (possibly with MangaGamer.com involved). I'd love to see a live drawing panel, too, but that can be logistically difficult with 3 people on the panel. For now, we're waiting to hear back from them on ideas.
  20. Guest Schedules

    No, it's not just for Sailor Moon merchandise. Two item limit per guest. We are expecting a lot of people for it, though, so unfortunately there won't be much time for chatting. Also, I believe Viz will be on hand with Sailor Moon posters, specially printed for ACen.
  21. Guest Schedules

    Those really are all the signings. We contract most VAs for 2 signings, and if they are involved with a premiere or other show event, then one of the signings will be the VA group for that show. Sorry if that cramps up the signings a bit! I will try to be more mindful of that scheduling in the future.
  22. I will again attempt to meet up with you guys this year. Sorry it didn't happen last year (being on staff has its difficulties). If I miss the initial meet up, I'll swing by Red Bar and try to find the group. Hopefully see you on Thursday!
  23. Guest Schedules

    My pleasure. Sorry it's taken so long! Be sure to check out the Kill la Kill OVA screening Friday at 6pm in the Rosemont Ballroom. Aniplex is hosting it and I believe they'll be doing giveaways.
  24. Guest Schedules

    Updated PDF with following notes: 3 panels by 07th Expansion are scheduled, but topics are to be determined (TBD) 1 panel by Akitaro Daichi is scheduled, but topic is to be determined (TBD) Panels by Roland Kelts are not yet scheduled. He will have joint panels with Helen and/or Lisle. Hopefully I'll have the rest of this info soon. Any updates will show up here (and Guidebook). Even during con! Thanks!
  25. Musical Guest: SCANDAL

    I have an update for Guidebook. The first autograph signing is being rescheduled to earlier in the day before the concert. This update along with the rest of the guest schedules will be up on Guidebook in the next day or two.