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    Cosplaying, hanging out with my friends, reading, playing video games, watching anime, manga. I just really love having fun.<br /><br />And I love anything that has to do with baking! *is a nerd* I have NERD earrings!!!!!!

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  1. fairytail 2015

    Awesome I was hoping that there would be a photoshoot that wasn't at the same time as my personal shoot! I'll be there as Satan Soul Mirajane all Saturday so say hi if you see me!
  2. Lost iPhone 5 in Dealer's Hall

    As the title says, I lost my phone in the dealer's hall today, Sunday, about mid afternoon and I'm really hoping somebody can help me out. Honestly I don't know if I lost it or if it was stolen which is always a possibility. But it was an iPhone 5C, the phone itself is blue and has a blue hardcase on it decorated with swimtrunks and marine life like dolphins, killer whales, and penguins. I kept checking with lost in found while looking around and back tracking my steps, going through all my luggage and my car several times, and again once the dealer's hall closed. I also checked with con ops to see if someone turned it in there and since nobody had, I left a different phone number they could use if it was found. I had the phone suspended when I got home tonight so just in case it was stolen the thief wouldn't rack up charges to my account I really hope even a little something turns up, I'd really appreciate any help you guys!
  3. Giving away a room

    I too am still I retested in your room if its still available. I've got a group ready and I sent you a private message but I'll add my name to the wait list here I suppose
  4. International Cosplay Day

    Hmm I may be able to go, just super depends on the day and if I can get anybody to go with me. Though I've got the weirdest schedule ever on internship right now and I'm only available Sunday-Tuesday but if I can 90% go I can ask for the day off.
  5. Pre Reg Question

    Alrighty thanks so much!
  6. Pre Reg Question

    Hi I have a question and I was wondering if someone could help me, or if not point me to the right person. So I pre registered at the Will Call rate, but I wasn't able to print off my confirmation letter so I don't have it when I get my badge. Will I be charged another badge even though I already paid? And will they have my information on file from previous years? Another side question, what time can we pick up our badges Thursday before the con?
  7. The Cta Trip Planner!

    Yes I'll actually be jumping on the Blue Line after school Friday afternoon since I've got a final that day. If I see anybody goin to ACen and I've got leftover cakes from my final they'll get yummies! Lol but that's only if there are people goin around 3 or 4 pm.
  8. Any Blue Line Riders?

    Hey everyone! Just wondering if there were any people going Friday around 3 at the latest I'd say. I've actually got a final that day from 11-1 and can't get to ACen any sooner than that. Either message me or post on this thread about blue line buddies, because I may wear my full costume if there are other people with me. If not I'll jst wear half then put on the other half at the con haha.
  9. Joliet Meetup:the Squeakuel

    Aww I haven't been to any meeatups in a long while! I prolly wont have any money or a way to get there but sounds like fun. Hope you all have super fun!
  10. Bringing Food?

  11. The Glomp Game ; Spin The Bottle !

  12. Hare Hare Yukai Dancing

  13. Bringing Food?