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  1. Driving from Minneapolis to ACen!

    Best of luck!
  2. Driving from Minneapolis to ACen!

    Not a bother at all, no need to apologize! Here's a rough map of the way I'll be taking, give or take that last bit there. I can also go a little out of my way if you're close to any of the route.
  3. Driving from Minneapolis to ACen!

    Hey, y'all! I'm driving down from the Twin Cities on the Thursday before ACen. I'm going to my parent's house around the con for the night, but would drop you off in Rosemont probably in the early evening. I'm driving back up sometime on Sunday afternoon. Gas would be about $30 for the trip! Hit me up if you wanna share a ride. EDIT: I can pick you up on my way, too, map posted below of the route I'll be taking.
  4. Two ACen regulars looking for a room!

    I actually just found a room, but thank you so much for replying!!! <3
  5. Two ACen regulars looking for a room!

    Thank you for the offer! Unfortunately that might be a little far for us to travel, since we do a lot on foot and get back to the rooms late after the raves. I hope you can find people to fill your room!
  6. Two ACen regulars looking for a room!

    EDIT: ROOM FOUND! (I couldn't figure out how to edit the title of the post lol. Thanks to those who replied!) Hello, lovelies! My sister and I decided to go to ACen kind of last minute so we missed out on booking a room. This will be our 9th year going to ACen, so we're definitely con regulars and very laid back. We're willing to take pretty much anything as long as the people are chill. Room doesn't have to have alcohol, but we don't care if it does (As long as you're 21+!) Message me or reply here if you might have something! We prefer something close-ish (within a half mile) to the con since we walk everywhere. -Queer friendly -Like going to the raves, but can be very quiet on return -Can provide food/drinks :thumbup:/>/>/> :heart:/>/>/> :heart:/>/>/> :heart:/>/>/>
  7. First ACen!

    Hey hi ho! This is my 8th year going to ACen, and I'm an "older" ??? cosplayer of 23. Honestly, you won't feel out of place at all so don't worry about it a bit! Hopefully the weather will cooperate this year, but it's usually a crapshoot and could be pouring rain and 50 degrees, could be sunny and 75! Who knows? Not us, clearly. I hope you have an awesome time. There's so much to do, I'm sure you won't run out of stuff. Definitely read through the programming book- I didn't do that my first year, and only stayed for a day, so I missed a ton of cool stuff. Either way, have fun!!!
  8. Sailor Moon 2016

    Thanks for booking a spot! That sounds like about what we've had in the past. My sister and I will be going as Eternal and Super Sailor Moon. :3
  9. Sailor Moon

    Awesome! I remember you from the shoot last year. Your costume was really awesome! And very excited for the costumes, hope to see you guys!
  10. Sailor Moon

    So, I went through the forum and haven't seen anything yet for the Sailor Moon photoshoot. In the past, it's always been around 10-10:30 on Saturday morning out behind the Hyatt. I assume it'll be something similar to that this year. Saturday, I'll be going as Super Sailor Moon, and my sister will be Eternal Sailor Moon. It's always a great meet up with some fantastic costumes, so I'm very excited for this year!!! Anyone else Sailor Moon-ing this May?
  11. Attack on Titan

    I don't know if I can get a costume made, since it's a really difficult one, but I'd love to try! If I did, I'd be going as Annie. :) A gathering would be awesome!
  12. Sailor Moon

    Hey, y'all! =) I'm going to reuse my Eternal Sailor Moon costume from last year (revamped and good as new and way too much work not to reuse! xD), so expect to see me there, wherever we gather. :D
  13. Sailor Moon 2010

    Hooray for more Eternal Sailor Scouts!!! <3 On a sad note, our Eternal Sailor Mercury, due to many unfortunate circumstances, will not be dressing up as Mercury. =( BUT, I am bringing a Tuxedo Mask, too. :D Also, where is this so-called dome??? xD
  14. Sailor Moon 2010

    I will definitely be going as Eternal Sailor Moon. (Can you tell by my name? xD ) I will for sure be bringing along an Eternal Sailor Venus and an Eternal Sailor Mercury. (And my random two friends going as Mononoke-hime and Ashitaka!)