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  1. So who else is going to Anime Midwest?

    Ill probably end up going for one day.
  2. Suggestions for 2014

    Panel programming descriptions Could they be in some better order next year in the programming book?
  3. Borderlands

    Ill be there as Gaige :D
  4. Fairy Tail 2013

    Ill be there, hopefully both days since One Piece is far scheduled enough apart form Fairy Tail. I will be Team A Lucy again this year. :D
  5. Live stream show in the dealers room?

    was it crunchyroll? i know i saw them in the dealers hall
  6. Would this be a faux pas?

    Not at all. You can cosplay what ever your heart tells you. There are many cosplayers at who cosplay many different things, for example: Disney, video games, Marvel/DC, American graphic novels.
  7. Yeah well i posted that before the most recent chapter. lols
  8. Fairy Tail 2012

    So progress wise, painting on the details for the cape thingy is slow like a snail due to drying times. but otherwise it is looking awesome. Everyone should print out Gerard's face and make a mask out of it.
  9. I saw a fan coloring where its a white bikini with blue accents
  10. Thats why I'll be doing Timeskip but not Punk Hazard Nami. xD Our Tashigi and Smoker on the other hand.....
  11. ACen 2012 Attendance, What's your guess?

    Over 9 Thousand. I had to. But Im gonna guess around 26,500 give or take 1,000
  12. Who is staying at what hotel?

    Ill be up at the Embassy!
  13. A Weird Wish

    Ive been spared for ACen!!!!! XD
  14. Only 14ish days til we all partay like the pirates we are!
  15. Cosplayers - take home a souvenir of your work

    that sounds fantastic! Ill have to stop by, I love me some buttons!