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  1. This may be a little too late, but....

    Okay, thanks. That is what i thought. Oh well.
  2. Hi, So i bought a ticket months before the con and could't make it due to something coming up. I did not use the badge at all and still have the original envolope. Is there any chance i could still get a refund? I doubt it, but thought i should ask. Thanks!
  3. Safest Method to Carry Money

    Yep, that is what I am going to do, thanks. :)
  4. Safest Method to Carry Money

    Would you suggest a lanyard to put badge and money in? Like I don't plan on bringing my debit card into the hall, just cash and a i.d. card. I just don't want to loose track of something important.
  5. Safest Method to Carry Money

    Would it be too tacky to wear a neck wallet? Is there a anime one that looks cool? I think money clip is good, but where would I put it? I don't have vests and what if my hands are full of merchandise?
  6. Safest Method to Carry Money

    So, Last year, I brought my wallet and carried that around in the exhibit hall. It wasn't until I realized that I lost my debit card and drivers license that was not such a good idea. So, I have to ask, what do you do to carry around important money/debit cards with?
  7. Name of Comic Artist?

    I was wondering if anyone remembered what comic artist was at the 2012 ACen that does "The Batman Strikes!" series? I had him sign some copies of his work and can't read the autograph. The only thing I remember that it had some relation between Harley Quinn and his daughter? Any help appreciated. :)
  8. Master List of All Out of Print Anime

    Hey, Let's make a list of all out of print anime. Please share all titles you know and I will edit them as often as I can right here. Hopefully this topic can be sticky so everyone can know. :) Out of Print Anime 1. Sailor Moon 2. Cardcaptor Sakura 3. 4. 5. 6.
  9. Popular Anime?

    Hi, So, I started selling on ebay and I specialize in Anime Items. My question is what would be good items to buy and resell? Like what good anime shows should I look for? What items should I buy (DVDs, figurines, manga, illustration art books)? Any tips would be nice. :D
  10. 2013 Dates

    I'm so excited! I'm gonna cosplay for the first time ever
  11. Anyone know where I can find a Cosplay Designer?

    Well, what if they gave you info such as a reference page and a very detailed price quote? Should I trust that?
  12. Anyone know where I can find a Cosplay Designer?

    Thanks, I signed up, posted a thread and got some replies. I can't wait for next year!
  13. Hello, Now, I don't usually cosplay, like ever. But after going to ACen and seeing people having a great time dressing up and meeting other fans, I'm really considering giving it a go. The thing is, I know nothing about designing cosplay or costumes or anything related to that manner. So, I ask my fellow anime people if you know anyone or are a cosplay designer to please contact me. (links to websites are appreciated) Now, this needs to be done before ACen 2013 which is May 17-19, which I'm hoping gives plenty of time to design an outfit for me. The general anime I am going for is Sailor Moon. I have a few ideas in mind and would like to discuss with the designer about everything. i.e- price, time needed for completion, payment option, measurements, etc. I can pay via paypal or if you live close by, can meetup and pay in cash. I can also give email, but you need to pm me first on here. Thank you, I hope to find someone real soon. Note to Moderators- When you make a 2013 ACen forum, could please move this thread to there? Thanks. :D
  14. 2012 Gripes thread

    Okay, I had a nice time this year, although there were a few things that bugged me. 1. Program Book- I was pretty mad when this one panel that I wanted to attend in the program schedule did not match up with the panel description found a few pages later. Basically it was listed on the schedule as 11am-12:00pm in the description page, but on the schedule was listed at 11 p.m, okay major confusion or what? Also there was this other panel "Tea Cups and Puzzles: A Professor Layton Panel" that was scheduled for Saturday that I wanted to see, but was not actually happening and had me all confused, cause i took the time to see this panel and it ruined my day of planning. Please ACen all I ask is that the schedule be matched and corresponds correctly throughout the whole book. 2. Guidebook- Okay, at first I was excited when this came out and started planning my trip early. However when I arrived at the con and double checked the program guide, I was disappointed to find that most of the panels on my planner did not match up with the program guide. I felt like the constant updating in which I hear was going on all weekend was quite annoying. I ask that is guidebook returns next year, please have the schedule times correct and posted only once without constantly changing, so as to not confuse people. 3. Contest- Okay, I was confused at the mystery puzzle contest for the raffle of the free badge for 2013. I read about it online and was excited to try and participate. However, I could not find any of the riddles. Was this contest cancelled? I had a real hard time finding them, maybe next time this happens have a example of what the question looks like or hints to where they might be located. Pros- 1. Badge- I was happy at buying my badge online and have it arriving at my house in little as 2 weeks. I thought that was very awesome and saved me the trouble of having to stand inline to buy a badge which I head were terrible, although what can you do? A lot of people show up to the convention every year. Although maybe it would be nice for when ordering badges online, to have the single day badge option? I noticed a lot of other conventions have this option online and wondered why doesn't ACen? I know not everybody wants to attend all three days, but it might help the decrease in line if you could have that option. Overall- I would give the con a A-. The biggest gripe being the constant schedule change, please consider fixing for next year, although I did like how you guys gave a extra list of panels that were cancelled, that was pretty cool. This does not affect my decision to attend the following years, cause I will always be a fan.
  15. At-Con Volunteer (Gopher) Perks

    Do you guys need help volunteer work tonight? The earliest I can be there is 6-7pm. Also, how long does volunteer work go until, is it an all night thing? I would love a place to crash (is that a hotel room)? Also say I want to work for badge next year and crash space, can I get both with combined hours? Like do you work 16 hours total, would that include badge and place to crash? Also, if I would like to voluntter friday instead, how early can I show up? I would like a place to crash for that night instead of paying for a hotel room on my own, is that possible if I work the full 6 hours? And the crash space, would that be shared someone or do you get a room by yourself?