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  1. New Con Year Resolution

    I started working on my weight loss resolution last monday, and I'm already down 14 pounds and 6 pants sizes. Now, I know this is only because I have a serious amount of weight to lose, but I'm quite happy things are going so well...
  2. Annual Christmas card exchange

    I just want to say thank you to everyone who sent me a card, and apologize once again for not getting any out myself. MY grandmother has just recently been moved into rehab, so things have been very hectic up until now.
  3. Annual Christmas card exchange

    I feel terrible... I haven't been able to send any cards out yet, hopefully will be getting them out this week. My Grandmother recently had to go to the hospital, and I've been spending most of my free time up there with her. Luckily she got through surgery ok, and is on the road to recovery, so I should be getting my cards out this week, and I apologize if they are late.
  4. Annual Christmas card exchange

    Looks like I've returned to the internet just in time! In all seriousness, I'm down with doing this again, I have the same address as I did last year, though I'm not sure if I still have the list of addresses that I sent out cards to last year. If you need my address, or simply want a card from me, feel free to send me a PM.
  5. Yuri Lowenthal

    I'd love to meet him, he's from my home town, which I think is amazing lol
  6. Playstation Vita

    Pre-ordering this was my christmas gift from my mother this year... I can't wait for it to come out... I'm actually excited about a few of the launch titles.
  7. Annual GUTG Christmas card exchange

    I think I sent a card to everyone who sent one to me... If I forgot you, please tell me =0
  8. Annual GUTG Christmas card exchange

    You don't have to send anything back, that card was sent out in the spirit of the season =)
  9. Guild wars 2

    It's also worth noting that you can join multiple Guilds in Guild Wars 2, thus there could very well be an ACen type guild made just for anyone from these forums to chat in.
  10. Guild wars 2

    Figured I would bump this thread since some relevant information is coming tomorrow. There was an accidental leak of the final Character Profession yesterday, revealing it to indeed be the Mesmer. Tomorrow on the Guild Wars 2 Website, there will be information all about the Mesmer and what you can do as one. I figured that if anyone was interested in this game that would be some information they would want to hear... =)
  11. Annual GUTG Christmas card exchange

    I finally got all of mine sent out, and good news, I was able to find a copy of my previous list, so anyone on there that didn't say their address had changed should hopefully be receiving a card as well.
  12. All I want for Christmas is...

    Because of the Playstation Vita's release date... I get no presents until February... so I get to watch everyone else get gifts this year =\ At least when February comes, it will have been worth the wait =) I've given up on my hopes of ending my time of being single, so even this isn't on my wish list... lol As for bad presents... I have had my aunt who hates me regift something I got her, the very next year... It was some sort of george foreman grill...
  13. Annual GUTG Christmas card exchange

    Hope no one is mad if I end up making my own cards.... I'm too picky to just pick one at the store lol.
  14. Annual GUTG Christmas card exchange

    Yea, I wasn't really thinking =D
  15. Annual GUTG Christmas card exchange

    I hope I'm not to late to join in this year, I've been in the hospital for the last month -.- long story... But yea, if anyone still wants to exchange cards, feel free to drop me a PM with your address. I do not have my list from last year as my hard drive has been wiped clean due to a roommate giving my computer a virus before I moved out... So even if you gave me your address last year I probably need it again lol. EDIT: Thanks -JUNK- for sending me a card which not only brightened my mood, reminded me about this XD EDIT #2: I assume the addresses on here were deleted for safety reasons, feel free to exchange addresses via pm then =D