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  1. Kill La Kill 2015

    Gah! Didn't get any decent pics of myself in those group shots...... I was the only 2 star fight club mako there (male)
  2. 2015 "Did you get a picture of me?!" Thread

    Hey dudes. Looking for pictures of myself of course. I got a bunch of pictures taken but haven't found any yet. I was the only "male" Mako there as far as I know. For that matter the only 2 star Fight Club Mako. Kill la Kill
  3. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic meetup 2012

    Just a final little update. You'll know me being vinyl because ill bring bringing the beats wherever I go with my speaker backpack! Also ill have my good friend as a Raver spike. See you all later!
  4. My Little Pony: Friendship is magic meetup 2012

    Just letting you and the rest know. I'm definitely doing Scratch. So either 2 DJs or a DJ and whooves? anywho, I'll definitely be there for the meetup
  5. I'm looking for a purple haired girl named Emily I was talking to in line for the Soap Bubble. And then inside there we danced together. You left me use your glow sticks too. :D You left with your friend to go to your room. If I remember right, you said you were from the suburbs of Chicago (can't remember which)
  6. Body armor ruling

    lol... i like that...
  7. Body armor ruling

    mmk, well looking at the outfit and scaling, etc. it should work out without compromising anything. TY all
  8. Body armor ruling

    I did PM him before this thread and he said to make a topic so everyone can see the response.
  9. Body armor ruling

    ya and i totally agree with that. and that's why i was mentioning that it was mainly for the masquerade and possibly just standing in the open con center and outside the hotel mostly.
  10. Body armor ruling

    none of my ACTUAL body will be showing, so it won't be extending off my body since it's a full suit that giving me like a 6" lift off the ground.
  11. Body armor ruling

    hey i need a couple questions answered if possible but i can't give exact details due to the surprise nature. it's going to have extended parts and such on it. I'm making it out of many different types of foam so it would be hurtful by any means though. his shoes specifically though have a large vertical spike on each that'll be a little less than a foot each off of the boot. as well as pointy shoulder pads, and spikes on the knees and the skirt and wrists. so, i won't be just wondering around the convention in this thing, maybe popping up here or there but no travel. I also won't have the wings/cape thing on while in the hotel and the weapon will be deconstrucable. I'm wondering if this will be alright for standing around here or there for a little bit. I will be wanting to go into the masquerade with it as well and i'll have the wings/cape thing in that though. so just curious if all this will be alright with general ACen personel for me to be standing around since i have seen others with the same general thing going on standing around as well. Thank you in advanced and i'm hoping for a quick response in case i need to do some modifications.
  12. Ruling on a cosplay

    Hey, i need some ruling or guidelines from an ACen IRT or someone in a ruling seat that'll be able to help. I do know the general rules but i have some specific questions. BUT, i don't want to ruin the surprise of the costume itself so i ask whoever would like to help me out here to PM me. thanks in advanced and hope to get a response soon. i'd like something soon so i know if i need to modify a bit. again, THANK YOU!!!!!
  13. Resident Evil 2010

    so.... does anyone have an album of pictures from this shoot?
  14. Acen Amv Contest Winners & Finalists

    arg!!! the one i'm looking for doesn't have a link! >.< the miley cyrus one...
  15. Vacuform/thermoforming

    actually do continue. I've already built my vacuforming table and frame for the plastic. i need to figure out what to make my molds out of for the forming itself. initially i'm just going to make a few things to get use to how to do it then start making my real molds for the cosplay i'm making. also i don't quite understand what you mean with the forming by the heat knife/gun and box cutter. like i don't get how you can form with those with ease and detail.